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well done but you should make more argument Violent crime 11/1/19
More trump's wall builds,more family separate from each other Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
To the Norwegian explorer How does it feel to watch animals die of hunger ? Did it make you... Expert alert: ask your questions here! 11/6/19
the consequence could be that we would have no fish or sharks or clean water further more no... Weekly Competition #37 17/6/19
what are school could is limit the paper or plastic our school uses Are Schools Doing Enough? 17/6/19
they could do is that instead of serving icecream that are what i think are plastic cups use bowls Are Schools Doing Enough? 18/6/19
nice explaining How does climate change affect the environment? 18/6/19
i think a single man or woman can stop this Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 18/6/19
but if we didn't have anything to make paper what would we do? How does climate change affect the environment? 19/6/19
nice Weekly Competition #37 19/6/19
we could do is start hanging poster up but not in school outside school. My story and question 19/6/19
im pround of it pollution 21/6/19
one invention is that like pikup thing s and there one that cleans out the sea and trash in the sea Weekly Competition #38 21/6/19
how are polar bears dying because of us? IF EARTH COULD FEEL EMOTIONS 24/6/19
what do you mean educate? Are Schools Doing Enough? 24/6/19
nice post Climate Change By Alphabet 25/6/19
i dont think its china fault that its releaseing millions of emissons if we thought about it... Is It China's Fault That It Is Producing Millions Of Tonnes Of Carbon Emissions 25/6/19
I didn't think of it that way REUSE STUFF PLEASE 26/6/19
i think that climate change is like trumps wall because trumps wall is basically destroyed... Weekly Competition #39 02/7/19
What do you mean better lifestyle Who's fault is it really? 18/9/19
in my opinion we shouldn't get involved because we only have about 100,000 soldiers in our army... Who's fault is it really? 18/9/19
if I was in charge of newspapers I would put cancer news on because people can know what going... #2 Editor for a Day Winners Announced! 18/9/19
I think we should leave Hong Kong alone because like you said there a chance of world war III... SHOULD WE LISTEN TO HONG KONG'S CRIES OR LET THEM BE? 26/9/19
I think the odd one it is b because the other two have microphones and and someone speaking into... #3: Odd-One-Out - Winners Announced! 26/9/19
Where do get the information from? Who's fault is it really? 26/9/19
Loved it VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 01/10/19
Where did you find this information? HELP FOR Hong Kong 01/10/19
I think its not okay to break a promise because if I went up to one of my friends and told them... Are there situations when it's OK to break a promise? 01/10/19
So cute VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 02/10/19
Great rap but where did the information come from? VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 02/10/19
I liked you vocabulary Hong kong's crisis! 02/10/19
iv done it Autumn Term Survey! 02/10/19
Nice poem Hong Kong should be free 03/10/19
what do you mean why VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 11/10/19
What do you mean VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 18/10/19
1. How do you survive in space 2. How do you get air in space 3. What is it like in space Your chance to ask a space expert! 05/11/19
In my opinion i think its not our duty to explore space sins its dangerous and we have reached... Do we have a duty to explore space? 05/11/19
Well done but i want to know where did you get information from? A-Z of space exploration. 05/11/19
In my opinion i don't think its worth it to go to space because say if you went to space and... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 08/11/19
I dont think inflatabe rockets would make it to space because it does not have any thrusters and... Should we use inflatable rockets or not?? 15/11/19
But if we did go Pluto isn’t Pluto a planet that got stuck in our solar system How are we going to undergo the conditions and time of Space Travel? 19/11/19
👍 AMAZZING poem spectacular space 19/11/19
Some peaple call pluto a dwarf planet How are we going to undergo the conditions and time of Space Travel? 20/11/19
My motto for NASA is that keep moving to spave because if NASA keep going foward in space... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 20/11/19
In my opinaian I don’t think there is life on Pluto because scientist think Pluto a planet that... Does life exist on Pluto? 22/11/19
Well done. SpaceX: Should they Worry? 22/11/19
Explain to me what space x is. SpaceX: Should they Worry? 22/11/19
I think a good leader would listen to others and not judge them for example justinn trado... What makes a good leader? 28/1/20
I would suggest to ban smoking because nearly 1million people catch lung canter. #20 - What One Change....? 28/1/20
What does it feel like to be an mp Ask an expert: We need your questions! 28/1/20
Its cool but why is it so short? and also why did you chose just red? Power 14/2/20
nice post but what do you mean by what is the relationship between extreme weathers and extreme... WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS AND EXTREME HEALTHCARE EVENTS ? 21/5/20
i find this post quite interesting because i love how you researched extreme weathers and how... The effect of extreme weather on health (heatwaves) ?! 21/5/20
I Love it learned so much from reading this post. The many ways of expressing the arts 26/6/20