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you make some really good points in your post but what sort of bad things could of happened to a... What Causes Criminals? 11/1/19
How did you know that if you were caught carrying a knife you could be sent to prion for 5... Dangerous knife crime 11/1/19
I am very happy you all like my post and i tried my best to put to in as much details as... Why do we have gangs? 11/2/19
WOW steadfast_moon! You have really impressed me with your reasoning skills, but, their are... MY OPINION ON HOW TO REDUCE KNIFE CRIME IN THE UK 11/2/19
So you all agree that Asma has a very strong point on knife crime and how her poem can really... Writing your Final piece? TOP TIPS! 12/2/19
Balanced_volcano you make good points in your post like:the poor always suffer in the end.You... How can we resolve youth crime ? 12/2/19
What you have said about their needing more police on the street is a very good idea to prevent... How do you think we can prevent knife crime ? 13/2/19
You are really right about how youth centers can help prevent gangs and crimes that they would... How can we resolve youth crime ? 14/2/19
Hi nice_dolphin , you make a really good point trying to encourage younger children in growing... Can knife crime really be solved? 15/2/19
In my opinion voting works as the most voters on a decision wins. But either way it would not be... Is it always fair to do what the majority want? 25/2/19
The best way to make decisions is to think what the impact of them could do. Like to ban... What’s the best way to make decisions? 26/2/19
Trump wants wall- mexico in trouble? Weekly Competition #33 24/5/19
What you are saying is true but you could add more detail about Donald trumps amazing 'wall' and... Ok so about this "wall” 24/5/19
He is expecting Mexico to pay for his idea that nobody really wants and all he wants to do is... Should The Wall Be Taken Down?? 24/5/19
When I was in school and I was answering a question in literacy and I used reasoning to convince... Weekly Competition #34 24/5/19
I personally don't agree with Donald trump's wall of glory because he hasn't listened to any of... Trump and the Big Beautiful Wall 25/5/19
Sorry but what wall exactly are you talking about? You could put more detail in the point your... We don't agree the construction of the wall 25/5/19
I don't think it should be aloud in some parts of the world because that wouldn't make it fair.... Free Movement 25/5/19
Donald trump isn't really doing this for his Mexicans but to spread word of his power and he... Why myst this go forward? 25/5/19
For F you could of done about fracking. Fracking is basicly people digging into the ground for... Climate Change By Alphabet 11/6/19
This isn't just down to china because loads of other countries release carbon emmisions. I know... Is It China's Fault That It Is Producing Millions Of Tonnes Of Carbon Emissions 17/6/19
Our current issue is climate change and i don't get what the solar system has got to do with man... why will the earth end ? 02/7/19
My opinion is people should have a say just as long as they don't do it using violence. Do people have a say? 24/9/19
I have the opinion that if we get involved with whats going on in China/Hong kong it could... Do we want A World War III? 25/9/19
I think that we should use humans because humans are smarter and it would take up a lot of time... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 06/11/19
I think the next planet we would be able to live on is Neptune for several reasons : when the... Mars habitation: is it possible? 06/11/19
I personally think it is important to explore space and to know whats beyond our atmosphere (... Space: why should we bother? 06/11/19
I think that a set of laws will be created as we become closer with space because how is it ok... Is space lawless? 06/11/19
9/12 I found this quiz challenging and educational. Really enjoyed it and i want more quizzes like this! Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 06/11/19
My full opinion is that we should be focusing more on Earth since we should know more about the... It more important to make discoveries on Earth or in space? 06/11/19
Yes because you can never really know if there actually is nothing important or helpful the only... If you know you’re unlikely to succeed, should you still try? 06/11/19
“ see more know more” I chose this because the more we explore space the more we will know about... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 19/11/19
If aliens are real the government would surely keep it a secret because ( for some reason) they... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 06/12/19
I think they should be more environmentally friendly because as our role models they should be... Are our politicians environmentally friendly? 28/1/20
10/15 yay me! Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 28/1/20
I think that people with 'minor' injuries should remain at home so A & E can concentrate on... Quarantine 07/4/20