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I know someone who was treated badly. The head teacher wanted someone to lead in the school... Bias and inequality: the challenges 25/2/22
I would like to live a country where the girl lives because I would like to be a nurse. The... Activity 1: boys or girls 25/2/22
Some women in the rural areas face inequality because most men go to school more than women. In... A video challenge! 25/2/22
I think all girls should hear the words: You are hardworking, special, amazing and awesome. It... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
Quotas should be scrapped out of our systems because everyone deserves an opportunity based on... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 07/3/22
It is assumed in my land that the male children are of more value than the females. If a man... What assumptions do we make? 10/3/22
My idea is for Computer Software Developers I think they could create software applications... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
The quote I choose is "When we started reading the news, we said we need to take someone in to... One word reactions 22/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because if the refugees are not accepted, a lot of them will... The Friday vote 22/3/22
I think fact 2 matters because there are many women in the world but only 24 percent of them are... Activity 2: bias in the media 23/3/22
What design means to me is creativity. Essentially when you create, you are putting new idea... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because if companies should hire people from a range of ethnic... The Friday vote 30/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because some role models can get lots of people under their... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 01/4/22
I use to think women can't fit into anywhere in the society especially in politics. However, now... #34 I used to think, now I think... 18/5/22
The advice I will give retiring business owners is that they should always put into... The Monday Challenge 24/5/22