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I would like to live in the country where the boy lives because I would like to be a nurse in... Activity 1: boys or girls 25/2/22
One quick and easy thing that could be done at school to help break bias is to give everyone a... A video challenge! 25/2/22
I think all girls should hear the words: Stand out wherever you go, fight for your rights, do... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
One change I will make is to construct good roads with proper drainage system that will allow... What ONE change? 01/3/22
I will like to live in the countryside, because it is peaceful. In the countryside people know... The Friday vote! 02/3/22
I assume that boys are supposed to be muscular and do well in sporting activities, military... What assumptions do we make? 08/3/22
More female role models can be shown to girls globally for I know and I am sure of this fact... What assumptions do we make? 09/3/22
I said Harder I think this because It is getting harder for the government to control what... Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 11/3/22
My answer is... It's better if they don't see it I said this because I don’t think the people... The Friday Vote 15/3/22
My idea to help people access the factual information they need is To get information from... The Monday Challenge! 15/3/22
The quote I chose is "They said black people should walk." My one word reaction is... One word reactions 17/3/22
I would love to say to Marina that you are a great woman, very brave because your coming out to... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 17/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because the refugees can support their host countries and help... The Friday vote 21/3/22
My idea is for Businesses I think they could give the refugees money to start up businesses... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
Fact 5 matters because issues of gender equality or inequality is getting serious. It would have... Activity 2: bias in the media 23/3/22
To me a design is a very nice creative invention that we use in our everyday life and changes... What does design mean to you? 25/3/22
The word I have chosen is weighty. This word sums up the news for me because it gives me an... #27 One word! 28/3/22
To help tackle the consequences of redlining, I think local governments should... form a housing... The Monday Challenge 28/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because they serve as a motivation to people, in as much as... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 04/4/22
My caption for this photo is "An embodiment of empowerment" I have said this because Sandra... Caption this photo... 05/4/22
If I was in charge of my country's government and I wanted to tackle world hunger, my first... What would be your first focus? 11/4/22
My opinion is that Billionaires do have a responsibility to help solve world hunger I have said... Do billionaires have a responsibility to help solve world hunger? 11/4/22
My answer is Yes I said this because it is only acceptable when animal is able to participate... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 20/4/22
I think this statistic is 42% of refugees are children . This makes me feel sad because refugee... #33 Mystery statistic 11/5/22
I used to think that with the Global Conversation it will be difficult to get stars. However now... #34 I used to think, now I think... 18/5/22
I would advice the owner who is retiring to enquire if the grown up child is the right person to... The Monday Challenge 24/5/22