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I know a woman who learnt how to drive a car and stood up to show that women can also drive cars... Bias and inequality: the challenges 25/2/22
I would like to live in a country where the boy lives because i would like to be a medical... Activity 1: boys or girls 25/2/22
One quick and easy thing that could be done in school to help break bias is to educate teachers... A video challenge! 25/2/22
In a world where gender bias and inequality is a norm, dear girls I will like you to hear these... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
I found out that in 1812 Tabitha Babbit invented the Circular saw. This invention is of great... #25 Best inventions! 15/3/22
I will advice her to stay calm and not to worry about what to do and where to go. I will tell... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 16/3/22
Oximeters are medical devices used to check the level of oxygen in the blood and should help... If..., then... 24/3/22
The word I have chosen is violence. This word sums up the news for me because some states in my... #27 One word! 28/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because companies should have racial diversity in the design... The Friday vote 29/3/22
My response to Mark Wahlberg is: I agree I have said this because the celebrities might not... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 01/4/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because the celebrities are famous so a lot of people will do... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 04/4/22
My caption for this photo is Sharing the good news I have said this because Sandra Bullock is... Caption this photo... 05/4/22
My answer is No I said this because we humans will still need horses as source of income in... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 19/4/22
I think It is acceptable to use animals for work It's acceptable if it is related to saving... It's acceptable if... 19/4/22
My odd one out is The tiger I have chosen this one because Picture A(a tiger) is a wild animal... What's the odd one out? 19/4/22