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My answer is... It's better if they see it I said this because I think the people of Russia... The Friday Vote 15/3/22
The quote I have chosen is "Is we don't know when we 'll see him again." My one word reaction... One word reactions 17/3/22
My idea to help people access the factual information they need is to create a special kind of... The Monday Challenge! 17/3/22
My answer is... No I said this because in my opinion, in the event of a refugee crisis, more... The Friday vote 21/3/22
My idea is for Families I think they could take in the children to stay with them until such a... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
I think everything depends on the age of the child. Some might be affected and it will take them... The Monday Challenge! 23/3/22
I am of the view that fact 1 matters, because a few women are in the media and this is not fair... Activity 2: bias in the media 23/3/22
Crime fighting algorithm device should not be used at all because it's not accurate in most... If..., then... 24/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because a lot of people want to follow these celebrities. They... Do celebrities have a responsibility to be role models? 01/4/22
My response to Mark Wahlberg is: I agree I have said this because they are not the ones to tell... Should celebrities stay out of politics? 04/4/22
The job my robot would do is to detect diseases. I have chosen a robot to do this job because... Invent a robot to do an animal's job! 22/4/22
Examples of animals who do medical jobs include dogs, cats, rats etc. They do so by sniffing the... Invent a robot to do an animal's job! 22/4/22