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I agree in that it is not always the person, who commits the crimes, fault because they will... How I feel about crimes 18/2/19
I agree the fact that the murderer gains nothing thing in committing a knife crime apart from... Why I Think Crime Is Bad? 18/2/19
I think that children should be informed so that they will not find themselves in situations... Should children be informed of violent crime? 18/2/19
Wow this is amazing can you tell me how you add videos please.? Don't Play If You Can't Pay! 20/12/18
My advice is to not be pressured whilst spending and that christmas it a time to spend with... Weekly Competition #15 14/12/18
Wouldn't be fair because people might not have the money to pay or they can pay it and be in debt 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 10/12/18
Thanks for commenting see you tommorow student debt 04/12/18
Money matters with everything in life withought money we would trade imagen getting on a bus or... Weekly Competition #13 04/12/18
I love how your thinking other ways than just physical health The Financial Crisis: What Affect Did It Have On People’s Health? 02/12/18
I personally think people should not risk gambling To risk, or not to risk, that is the question. 02/12/18
I also think people like police should get better wages than others also hi fellow news club... Are parents wages fare. 02/12/18
I wonder wether this will happen again Why Did the Financial Crisis Occur - Again? 02/12/18
I also think that we should have some kind of learning about money in school We need to have better education about finances in school. 02/12/18
I think that i proberbly wouldnt even know because i dont watch the news that much what action would you take if there were to be anouther financial crisis 02/12/18
I GOT OPEN -MINDEDNESS i find myself a curios person so i understand Take the skills-based personality quiz! 29/11/18
I really like this post and totally agree but I also think police should get a great wage aswell... Are parents wages fare. 29/11/18
I agree and I think that the amount that goes into university should come back out and you get... student debt 29/11/18
i do agree i think university should be free Should students have financial lessons in school? 28/11/18
i chose the money tree because why would that ever be real i mean there is a quote called 'money... Weekly Competition #12 28/11/18
1) I can't think of any reasons it was good, it ruined many people's lives and even to this day... Effects of the Financial Crisis 15/11/18
Money can ruin the world in some respects but without it the world wouldn't really function. We... is money rurning our world? 15/11/18
Personally I would say the bank is fairly safe. People can steal your credit card but there are... is the bank safe 15/11/18
Lots more than you think were lost. Money, peoples job and even people's houses. It effected... just how much damage could the financial crisis cause? 15/11/18
For me England running out of money really depends on what the government spend it on. They... Will England run out of money? 15/11/18