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I agree with you because too many people are suffering because of what the soldiers are doing to... This needs to stop Myanmar are suffuring 15/10/18
I think that you are right we could have fundraising and we could write to the government to... INNOCENT PEOPLE DYING DUE TO DIFFERENT BELIEFS! 15/10/18
very impressive What do you think? 16/10/18
I do think raj should get the detention because he was messing around and that led to an... The school trip 16/10/18
They went on a school on the day of that incident. The school trip 16/10/18
Thank you Olivia it really helped and I am looking forward to new quizzes! What have you learnt so far? Try our quiz! 16/10/18
I think children should have pocket money so that in the future they would have more money. Should children be given the rights to have money 05/11/18
but your only going to pay for them for a year and most of your money might be gone. who should get the money? 07/11/18
I think you are absolutely right, this could help people with financial crisis How to avoid the Financial Crisis 07/11/18
I agree there should be back-up because its hard to process money and you rely on one bank to... Should their be another equivalent to the bank of England? 19/11/18