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Thanks! How to get started on the Hub 19/9/20
Thank u for sending this! Does the public deserve a democratic vote? 19/9/20
Interesting.. Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 19/9/20
Wish someone was there to help those poor children Help Rohinga Children fleeing from violence 19/9/20
Definitely agree he shouldn’t get detention Raj's Detention 19/9/20
This is not fair people are different doesent mean there not a human just like u don’t judge by... Is this fair? 19/9/20
Good job! Should you have to be born in America to be a candidate? 10/10/20
Hello! I want Joe Biden to win because he is a bit better than Trump my class wants him to win... Session six: reflection 04/11/20
who are u voting? for the USA election today if your in USA and from USA or maybe if your not... Session four: voting 04/11/20
yes i think you should be born in America to be an candidate because you know more about your... Should you have to be born in America to be a candidate? 04/11/20
I don't think they should be cancelled if they did it in the past depends how bad the mistake is. Should people deserve to be canceled? 06/7/21