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I think that they should ask the publics' vote first because it is only fair. It is good to be... Weekly Competition #8 29/10/18
Money is a good thing but it can be spent on bad things and it should be shared out equally. I... Can money help you in every situation? 29/10/18
People put a lot of trust in Aung San Suu Kyi and it is wrong for her to lie Is every perspective on a news story equally important? 30/10/18
The most valuable things in life aren't all about money and sweets and electronics. they could... Weekly Competition #11 18/11/18
would it be fancy or not wouldn't you need food or water and some family? Weekly Competition #11 18/11/18
It would be useless your relationships would go like feathers in the wind. you would feel... Weekly Competition #17 14/1/19
Brexit has been delayed Weekly Competition #21 10/2/19
Plastic is being used less meaning less fish are dying and the ocean might just survive.... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
When we were in Europe we could trade easily and go to different countries. now it will be... Brexit 07/4/19
I have responded to olivia Easter Holiday Competition 07/4/19