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Really useful and super interesting. What should be the consequences if someone creates fake news? 18/9/20
I think Biden would make a better leader but trump has more experience. Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 18/9/20
I don’t think he should build a wall as it would just be disruptive. Donald Trump Update! 18/9/20
I think it’s less he can’t afford it and more he doesn’t want to spend that much time and money. Donald Trump Update! 18/9/20
I think 18 is a good age as they will have got to know politics by then. Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 18/9/20
I did this in school and it was great fun😄. Session one: power 18/9/20
I found newsround an exellent source of information👍 The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 18/9/20
I think having a female president would be good for America👩‍💼🇦🇺👍 Do think America would want another man president? 18/9/20
I agree resilient_cymbals. Do think America would want another man president? 18/9/20
No it is not fair. Is it fair that criminals can't vote but can campaign to be president?? 18/9/20
There should be a female president The President Games! 18/9/20
I isn’t fair Is the electoral college fair?? 18/9/20
I don’t think someone with a criminal record can run for president because what if they are... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 18/9/20
I think someone from anywhere could be president because if you have enough experience to... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 18/9/20
I agree with you dedicated_fact, Joe Biden would be better. The Candidates' Immigrant Policies 28/9/20
I would like to ask Anita McBride what a First Lady mainly does? Ask experts your questions! 29/9/20
My question is did your cafe struggle during lockdown and will that effect what you do in the future? Cafe owner Natasha Sayliss answers your questions! 23/11/20
I would like to ask Kike Onwinde if she has ever had trouble at work because of the colour of her skin Ask an expert! 23/11/20
Greta Thunberg inspires me to act on climate change because she is right about lots of things... Who inspires you to protest? 29/1/21
This is really interesting Riots: Everything there is to know about them 29/1/21
This was very interesting Why does the police get involved with protests? 29/1/21
This was really interesting The speech 29/1/21
Really interesting read. I get a lot of my news from Newsround too. All about an infodemic during the pandemic? 03/3/21
Really interesting. Great post👍 Could there ever be a positive infodemic? 03/3/21
Wow. I didn’t know that much about supply and demand but now I do. Awesome post! Is it Our Fault that The News is More Negative than Positive? 03/3/21
I really enjoyed the way it was presented Could there ever be too much news? (First Pandemic to Infodemic Piece) 03/3/21