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I blame the terrorises they kicked them out even though they didn’t do anything. Now they are in... Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 09/10/18
Thanks so much I have written a post before I read this no wonder it did not get published I... Reasons your post hasn't been published! 10/10/18
Yes every one should have the right to free speach Should everyone have the right to free speech? 10/10/18
My dog ate donuts.He was being curious,he went into my mums scouting leader bag .he got into the... Weekly Competition #5 12/10/18
I love the quizzes they help me remember things about the issue Check it out! End of the Issue Quiz! 25/10/18
I think every one is to blame.If every one was truthful this would not be that bad . The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 06/11/18
Children don’t need pocket money and buying things not needed exetra How to avoid the Financial Crisis 06/11/18
We could use silver from rings and shape them into coins the same with gold.We could start... Weekly Competition #9 07/11/18
I would put my money in the bank since if I got robed 50%would be gone and some one else would have it. would you put your money in a savings account or a bank or just having it in your hand 07/11/18
1. In many parts of the country there are sales and pound world you could also change jobs or... The truth 20/11/18