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I agree with your post but I also think that Ahnn Sang Suu Kyi is a good,nice and genouras. But... Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 08/10/18
I would give me seat to the old lady because she wouldn't be able to stand up like the other... Who got your seat? 08/10/18
I don't think it should be happening either! People being chucked out of there homes help stop it! 09/10/18
They army shouldn't be underestimated. Ahn Sang Suu Kyi 09/10/18
She is the one to blame because she is letting her people bring chaos to the Rohingians! Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 10/10/18
The Rohingians shouldn't be getting chucked out of there homes!What did they even do to deserve... People being chucked out of there homes help stop it! 10/10/18
I know right! People being chucked out of there homes help stop it! 10/10/18
I was curious about what my sister was doing in her room when suddenly I herald her scream... Weekly Competition #5 10/10/18
I don't think the army should have this much power they should have a lot less than they do.But... How much power do the Myanmar military have and is this OK? 10/10/18
Thanks for the tips. Reasons your post hasn't been published! 10/10/18
I think we should trust banks Should we trust banks? 05/11/18
I think we should trust banks because they will keep are money safe and if anybody try’s to rob... Should we trust banks? 05/11/18
Haha Who got your seat? 05/11/18
I think that it is the just the bankers bosses fault because there saying to the workers at the... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 12/11/18
I like the quizzes because they test if we have listed. Quiz time! What have you learnt so far? 15/11/18
With 100,000 pounds I would start a charity for the homeless and cancer. Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I think it would be a massive impact if I got my house took of me because I would have no where... just how much damage could the financial crisis cause? 15/11/18
I agree and that is exactly how the financial crisis happened in the first place. Also it is... Bank safety 15/11/18
I think you should give your money to the bank because they can keep it safe if you keep it at... is the bank safe 15/11/18
I think it wasn't the governments fault because the government was trying to pay money to the... Bank safety 21/11/18
I also think the firemen should get a good wage because they are risking there lives trying to... Are parents wages fare. 21/11/18