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It's quite strange how she won a Nobel Peace prize, but when she became ruler she wanted to... Ahn Sang Suu Kyi 08/10/18
I agree with you Ahn Sang Suu Kyi 08/10/18
I would give it out to people, in case they would need a car or quite a nice house in a street. What would you do with £100 billion ? 05/11/18
Very good reasons on how to avoid it. It’s way better then one of my posts. How to avoid the Financial Crisis 12/11/18
I would choose a soap factory, because it would mean that more people could have soap to make... Weekly Competition #10 12/11/18
Thanks Olivia. I'll try and make it longer next time. Should the businesses Borrow Money, but then lose their Business? 15/11/18
Your right technology, but it might be they need the money for food and drink, and something... Money is being waisted 15/11/18