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In my opinion bitcoin is a good thing for the following reasons: it is easy to store and you can... Are cryptocurrencies a good thing? 22/9/21
People believe it because there is evidence that is fake like there being no stars for example.... Debunking the Moon myths 29/9/21
A problem in my community is racing i would make sure there was lots more speed bumps and cops... #5 Innovation for your nation! 06/10/21
AI Is the solution because it can control all computers you assign it to and control robots to... How could technology help solve other problems? 06/10/21
it will make a difference because there is lots of carbon in the atmosphere and all over the... Will the carbon-capture plant make a difference? 06/10/21
Good point i did not think about this branch of the headline. You are completely correct. Will the carbon-capture plant make a difference? 06/10/21
I do not agree because in the future tech will solve our problems like medical and software "We cannot innovate ourselves out of this mess." Do you agree? 06/10/21
My dream job is a politician because i love politics and debates! Conservatives are the best in... #6 Dream jobs 13/10/21
Green skills are important for the future because if we don't learn them we will ruin the planet... What green skills will be important in the future? 13/10/21
MP is my dream job it is not green because I am conservative. I do not need any green skills and... Five quickfire questions on the future of your work! 13/10/21
You have a valid point but i must disagree because you will be required to build other buildings... What green skills will be important in the future? 13/10/21
The most surprising thing about this leak is that there is so much information that is only... The Pandora papers: explore more! 20/10/21
I agree with your opinion as it is very well written and set out. It is also very much like my opinion. The Pandora papers: explore more! 20/10/21
The fact that the governments lost 600b dollars. That is a waste of people's money that could be... The Pandora papers: explore more! 20/10/21
The Netflix show The Crown is about the royal family and it starts in 1947 where winston... #9 Think of a link 03/11/21
I chose 2 because green areas are declining rapidly this is very bad because without green areas... Rewilding where you live 03/11/21
I think D best describes the news because the news all ways has new things, Like a plant growing... #10 Pick a picture 10/11/21
I would eat leftovers because if you do not eat them you are wasting food you could make a lot... Would, wouldn't, why? 10/11/21
I disagree because the fact of eating fungus instead of meat is bad because how much nutrition... Would, wouldn't, why? 10/11/21
I agree because eating bugs will decrease their population we need bugs because they are... Would, wouldn't, why? 10/11/21
I agree because one whole gallon of water could let an entire small countryside have water for... Should some foods be banned? 10/11/21
I would like to know more about headline B as i am very deeply interested in dinoaurs and I... #11 Tell me more! 17/11/21
I would be the prime minister of England I would promise the free market and stop the regulation... #12 Important promises 24/11/21
If I would was the leader of Sudan I would give back power to the imprisoned Prime Minister and... You're a world leader... 24/11/21
I do not agree that justice has been achieved because it isn't self defence when carrying an... What are the different opinions on this case? 01/12/21
It is important for me to talk about the news because the news gives us vital info on the world... #13 You and the news 01/12/21
The Kyle Rittenhouse Case was the most controversial in my opinion. #15 Headline of 2021 15/12/21
England Will Win #16 Wheel decide! 12/1/22
Person C I agree with Person C because it is important for all even us of youth to keep up with... #19 Respond! 02/2/22
The person or group of people I'm going to think about is Covid-19 Infected Students, The... Who will the metaverse help? 02/2/22
I would choose Icon X because it represents a globe representing that news comes from all over the world. #20 The winning icon 09/2/22
I have picked the story about Melting ice My new headline would say POLAR WORLD This would be... Think up a headline! 09/2/22
.One thing that Russia SHOULD do next is step down and stop attacking.This is because this small... What should Russia do next? 02/3/22
I would say................... "Women have been oppressed, used however in the society we live... #23 What should they hear? 02/3/22
If i were to meet Marina Ovsyannikova i would tell her she was terrifically inspirational to the... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 23/3/22
vast #27 One word! 30/3/22
The most interesting foreign news I have heard about would be the Kyle Rittenhouse Case. He shot... #30 Dog, plane, sun, heart 20/4/22
The best piece of advice from these videos on how to spot reliable news is checking the source.... What's the best advice? 20/4/22
The job my robot would do is pollinate flowers. I have chosen a robot to do this job because... Invent a robot to do an animal's job! 20/4/22
The business I have chosen to write about is the Technology business I think this business... What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
i have chosen b2 because it symbolizes the child and his father going through a lot. #31 Zoom in! 27/4/22
If I was in charge of a children's newspaper for the day, I would tell them in a simple manor... You're in the hotseat... 04/5/22
My answer is News organisations I said this because the news agencies make their news so they... The Friday vote! 04/5/22
I have chosen to write as The manager of a cinema in Russia My thoughts about this story are... News flash! Disney and others halt their film releases 04/5/22
I'm going to write about if a business stops trading in Russia. The responsibilities this... What responsibilities to do businesses have to their workers in Russia? 04/5/22
Yes I said this because people support Elon Musk with his electric cars saving the environment... The Friday Vote! 11/5/22
I think the statistic is 42% of people living in Ukraine have left and become refugees. I think... #33 Mystery statistic 11/5/22