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A problem in my community is a petrol shortage to solve this I would make a machine where all... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
I think the monkey feels the most beacuse all the trees are getting chopped down so it would... Which animal feels the most? 01/10/21
The problem I'm writing about is climate change. My three questions are: Where in the world... How could technology help solve other problems? 02/10/21
My dream job is to be a architect because I like drawind and planning things out and it is nice... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21
I really like this comment because it is good for the enviroment and it is such a good idea. It... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21
Say what you want to say as long as it is sensible and enjoy yourself Why you must write in your own words 15/10/21
I enjoyed this quiz so much. My brains really whirred to remember everything. Sadly I got 10... Test yourself with the Topical Talk knowledge quiz! 15/10/21
Well, after thinking about this for some time now I have decided that if I were the leader of... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
My mind has realy been whirring because I am thinking about whether the is a reason why the... Ask an Afghanistan expert 19/11/21
I think it is hard to share power because both sides have separate ideas so then they might... Why is it hard to share power? 19/11/21
I believe that after looking at the images, the Taliban have the biggest impact on Afganisatan's... Three posters, three questions 23/11/21
Well, also, the Taliban will have the biggest impact because fthe power they have to cause... Three posters, three questions 26/11/21
Well, the news is very important because we can be aware of what is happening ans as it is not... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
I would want to interview Joe Bidon (The president of the US) to find out more about the long... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
After thinking for a long time, I have come to a decision that disagreements are a good thing... The Thursday Thinking Question 03/12/21
'A mini railway crossing built for dormice' is my headline because it shows that people have... #15 Headline of 2021 10/12/21
I totally agree with you because I love animals and I to think that this headline is very important. #15 Headline of 2021 10/12/21
Why should young people talk about the news in 2022? I strongly believe that young people... #16 Wheel decide! 10/1/22
My idea would be adverts. This would definitely work because people can't help looking at... The Monday Challenge 11/1/22
In my vote I said no. I said this because with coronavirus aroud, it is safer for people to... The Friday vote! 11/1/22
I predict that the Headline: More Travel Trouble is most likely to happen, I think this because... Which and why? 11/1/22
I totally agree to what you say and I think that it is a really good idea. I really like the way... Which and why? 11/1/22
Well, I like your thinking, but there are adverts that are on screens or are in a plastic cover.... The Monday Challenge 12/1/22
The most important graph for a country's leader to see is..Hospitalisations This is because....... You're in charge! 13/1/22
If I had $1,000,000 I would buy homes for the homeless poeple. However, because they still not... #17 Hey big spender! 14/1/22
The most important skill for a leader making decisions about covid-19 is..Listening This is... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 14/1/22
"Should decisions about covid-19 rules go to a public vote? I said Yes I said this because I... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 17/1/22
For my street sign, I would say: Get a vaccine so you can stay clean! My reason for this is... What would your sign say? 18/1/22
I would quite like you to focus more on the environment section in the comments, please. Are Big Corporations Good? 19/1/22
I quite like your idea, it is very good. Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 19/1/22
he idea I have chosen is Giving teachers free lesson plans, one day a month for planning and a... Choose one idea to explore 19/1/22
I like the idea because I like how it was about being fair and how it was said how different... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 20/1/22
Well, the saying means, that something, take Amazon for an example, gets so large and great that... Can a Big Corp Ever be Too Big? 21/1/22
The thing I think schools in my area should focus on more is reading This is because lots of... How would you rethink education? 21/1/22
I found the word (FAKE) I think this is important to the news because we hear about lots of news... #18 Search and say! 25/1/22
I said Yes I said this because then, they can specialise in specific subjects so, for the... Should schools decide what they teach? 25/1/22
I said schools where I live should focus more on reading The best way for me to get my idea... The Monday Challenge! 25/1/22
I really like your topic. It is such a good question and very important because it is unfair... Should big companies be trying to escape paying tax? 25/1/22
Well, I think that everyone should have to pay the same amount of tax because, someone might be... Should big companies be trying to escape paying tax? 25/1/22
What i'm most surprised with is the question: " Which of these can you not buy at Amazon? "... Take the Big corp power fun quiz! 25/1/22
Hello Miss Zoe. I have two questions. The first one is: I your opinion, do you think big... Zoe Kleinman answers your questions about companies and technology 25/1/22
My immediate reaction would be annoyed. I would react like this because with one trillion... How far would $1 trillion take you? 25/1/22
Well the benefit is that they can at least heve something to still be able to learn and study... The Monday Challenge! 26/1/22
If governments do not keep their climate promises, I thinkthere will start being conflict. My... If governments don't keep their climate promises... 27/1/22
Person A, I would say that I disagreed with what had been said because even though the news is... #19 Respond! 27/1/22
I said Both are equally responsible I said this because everyone should take care in looking... Who has most responsibility to reduce climate change? 01/2/22
I think the man on the left is thinking "When are they going to listen?" because he looks... Think of a thought bubble 01/2/22
The person or group of people I'm going to think about is people who have jobs. The metaverse... Who will the metaverse help? 03/2/22
I believe that icon Q wold be the vest icon for a news app. It represents the news because it... #20 The winning icon 03/2/22
The STRONGEST argument for the YES side is becuase the city can get more money becuase Megacorp... Should Megacorp build a factory in Minorton? 03/2/22
I interacted with Google by searching up a definition. I think it is possible to avoid them by... Is it possible to avoid big corporations? 03/2/22
I think that big corps should not be forced to donate to a charity. My reasons for this are... Should big corporations have to donate to charity? 03/2/22
Avatars could be a good idea because when you create it, no matter how old you are you, you can... Are avatars a good idea? 04/2/22
The consequence is that then other people will see them and think they are someone entirely... Are avatars a good idea? 04/2/22
My answer was 4 I said this because well, she is distracted when she is not on the app. So... A poll about Pam's story 04/2/22
I was wondering, What made you go to school when the Taliban had banned you to go? Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 07/2/22
My idea to make the metaverse safer is to make it a little less like reality. I've chosen this... The Monday Challenge! 07/2/22
I have picked the story about Islands disappear under the sea My new headline would say... Think up a headline! 09/2/22
The ONE biggest reason why the world is NOT doing enough is People are too focussed on money I... Why is the world not doing enough? 10/2/22
If I were a news reporter, I would report about how the Earth's climate is getting hotter and it... #21 You choose the news! 10/2/22
The character I would choose from a book is Aslan from The lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I... #22 Escape the pages! 22/2/22
My question I've chosen is 3. I think that a quick and easy thing that could be done is for... A video challenge! 22/2/22
I know someone who went to a country in Africa. When he went there he faced inequaity becausee... Bias and inequality: the challenges 22/2/22
Also, for my second question, How did you feel when the US troops left Afganistan? Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 23/2/22
A change I would make to our community is traffic because everyday when I go to school, we are... What ONE change? 23/2/22
I think entertainment will be different in 100 years becuase there will be lots of houses and... Travel to the future 23/2/22
I think there could be more roads made. What ONE change? 24/2/22
I think more roads being made would change becasue it means that there are different ways to get... What ONE change? 24/2/22
I would like to live where the boy lives because then women can get paid and earn... Activity 1: boys or girls 24/2/22
I would say (You are the same as anyone else and no one should stop you from having ideas and... #23 What should they hear? 24/2/22
I chose the countryside because in a city, it is very cusy so that means a lot of pollution, a... The Friday vote! 25/2/22
True, but they are crossroads and there are already four sets of traffic lights. What ONE change? 28/2/22
I like your idea on this but that might seem a bit unfair. I mean, if you think about it, we... Do we need money? 28/2/22
I hope that I will get stars so what I say will be heard by others and that they will listen. Rewards: what to aim for! 28/2/22
Hi, Here are my questions, 1) How do you help women? 2)Do you show women that they are... Chro Salih from Women for Women answers your questions! 28/2/22
Hi, Here is my question, What hard times have you been through, and how do you deal with them? Linda and Melody answer your questions! 28/2/22
I have chosen fact 5. I believe that this is important for people to know because the fact that... Activity 2: bias in the media 01/3/22
I said not all of the time because some jobs may be better for men to do than women and the... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 04/3/22
I have made an assumption that I will not get along with my neighbours because they are from a... What assumptions do we make? 04/3/22
I think a job better for men is probably a to be a builder because they tend to be stronger than... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 08/3/22
Hi, My first question is: Why are women treated differently from men? After all, the women... Zaimal from The Fawcett Society answers your questions! 08/3/22
Thank for fixing the questions and I prefer them to the original ones. Magazines and the Media! 09/3/22
I have observed what has been said and I think a similiarality is the fact that they both say... Spot the differences 09/3/22
I like your thinking but I want you to think, shools are free, so, what if a child's parents or... Do we need money? 09/3/22
I like your thinking and I can't think of any problems with this. You always manage to find an... Do we need money? 10/3/22
Yes, it can have an impact on everyone, because what they both see is how they are impacted. Magazines and the Media! 10/3/22
Things that can be seen on the internet may include things on Facebook or Youtube and other apps... Magazines and the Media! 10/3/22
I found out that the liferaft was invented by Maria Beasley. This invention is very important... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
I said Easier I think this because with techlogy, if your device is monitored by other people,... Is it getting harder for governments to control what people see? 11/3/22
I think an answer for that question could be where the magazines are made just for both... Magazines and the Media! 11/3/22
I like your thinking responsible cymbals, but I think, even if the magazines are put together,... Magazines and the Media! 11/3/22
True, but the thing is, what age should they watch the film because if they are at an... Magazines and the Media! 11/3/22
My answer is... It's better if they see it I said this because they need to know the truth... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
I like how you found a suitable age, but, would the parents/carers get to decide whether they... Magazines and the Media! 14/3/22
My idea to help people access the factual information they need is having more reporters in the... The Monday Challenge! 15/3/22
I would tell her that she should carry on telling the truth because if other people get a... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 15/3/22
The quotation that I picked was the one that said, 'They said black people should walk.' My one... One word reactions 16/3/22
My favourite piece of music that I've chosen is a piece from Carnival of the Animals by Camille... #26 A moment for music 17/3/22
One reason why Ukrainian men SHOULD be expected to stay and fight is They need as many men as... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 17/3/22
I chose card six and I think something the governmant should do is try to get 50% men managers... Activity 4: How can we stop bias at work? 17/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because in doing this, if that country is in trouble in the... The Friday vote 21/3/22
I really enjoyed this and I got them all correct. At the moment, I'm telling people all the facts I learn Take our new knowledge quiz! 21/3/22
My idea is for Families I think they could try and welcome Urainians and make friends with them... The Monday Challenge! 21/3/22
I believe they should have to be trusted by the government and agree to the terms and... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
Also, they may need some guidance because they may need to go through training to prove that... The Monday Challenge! 22/3/22
If the problem of facial recognition does not get fixed, then people may me mistaken for who... If..., then... 23/3/22
To me design means actually having putting all your soul and feeling into what you are doing. I... What does design mean to you? 24/3/22
The word that I have chosen is false. I chose this word because a lot of news that we see looks... #27 One word! 24/3/22
My answer is... I'm not sure I said this because I think that no because no one should be... The Friday vote 25/3/22
I would like to share something I learnt from fantastic_arguement They said ''Gender inequality... What have you learnt from someone else about gender equality? 25/3/22
I have chosen picture D. This picture sums up the conversations I have been having about gender... #28 Pick a pic! 31/3/22
Nice, I agree with your message and think you have made sure that it stands out. I like the... Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 31/3/22
If I was in charge of a children's newspaper for the day, I would tell the truth about what's... You're in the hotseat... 26/4/22
My answer is Parents I said this because Parents are responsible for what happens to their... The Friday vote! 26/4/22
Hi, My question is: Do you ever get worried about the Russians finding out about you helping... Dr. Krish Kandiah answers your questions! 03/5/22
I think that Twitter should have rules about. If you think about it, withought rules in our... First thoughts 05/5/22
My answer is: The cost should be paid for by taxes I said this because I chose this because we... The Friday vote! 04/6/22
What sort of things should we write about? Read this before posting on the power of sound 07/6/22
Thanks, sometimes I find it hard to know what to talk about. Read this before posting on the power of sound 07/6/22
I think the title could be (Listening to the news) I think this because their hands are cupped... #37 Title challenge 07/6/22
I would ask, Why are you not allowed to vote? This is because I think she is one of the most... What would you ask the Queen? 07/6/22
I think the answer to your first question is that she has always been fair and respected others.... What would you ask the Queen? 07/6/22
At first I thought it was quite funny the way Mr Bilston added America is a gun each time... The Monday challenge! 14/6/22
That is a very good question sympathetic_swan. However, I can only express my point of view on... Do we need money? 28/6/22
I am very excited to know who will get the awards. End-of-year awards! 28/6/22
I am really happy because I got an award. Well done to all those who won, it must be really... End-of-year awards! 05/7/22