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I think I really agree with person C because kids always need to get into the news and explore... #19 Respond! 01/2/22
I think no, because if workers are kept in the office full-time, then they will not get the rest... The Friday vote! 02/2/22
I think X will be a good choice for the news icon because it represents how the news is... #20 The winning icon 03/2/22
The fictional character that I have chosen is Black Beauty from the book ' Black Beauty' written... #22 Escape the pages! 18/2/22
I was wondering, What made you fight for the right of education for all the girls in Afghanistan? Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 22/2/22
My answer was Honesty I said this because I said this because if a leader has honesty, they... What's most important in a world leader? 22/2/22
My question that I have chosen is number 3. I think one way that we can break bias in school is... A video challenge! 22/2/22
I think that the most successful one would be the game that we could play as a class. This game... A video challenge! 23/2/22
I think that it is good to have money if we are controlling our spending. So that it is fair to... Do we need money? 23/2/22
The ONE biggest reason why the world is NOT doing enough isCountries do not work together... Why is the world not doing enough? 23/2/22
My idea is adverts. When you watch adverts, it catches a lot of people's eyes and you can't... The Monday Challenge 23/2/22
The most important graph for a country's leader to see is..Deaths This is because.... if the... You're in charge! 25/2/22
I chose the countryside because of the following reasons, 1) Less pollution 2)Less... The Friday vote! 27/2/22
I understand how you think so instead, we could have mufti days at the end of every half- term.... Do we need money? 28/2/22
I would say ( No one can stop you from being who you are and discriminate you against your race.... #23 What should they hear? 01/3/22
My answer was 4 I said this because the person who invented the app had all the ideas of how it... A poll about Pam's story 02/3/22
Avatars could be a good idea because it lets children use their imagination and no matter how... Are avatars a good idea? 02/3/22
I think that there should be equality because if you were to employ people in a job, you... The Friday vote: quotas at work! 09/3/22
My goal is to try and get on the leader board and try to get more and more stars until I am... Rewards: what to aim for! 09/3/22
I don't think that Big Corps are good because they use single-use plastic which is not good for... Are Big Corporations Good? 09/3/22
I think working from home is better due to the fact that it is better for the planet. I think... Is Working From Home Or On Site Better? 09/3/22
Instead of giving 1 pound to the school every month, we could have a school bake in the summer... Do we need money? 10/3/22
Thank you very much! Rewards: what to aim for! 10/3/22
Thank you very much articulate_rock! Do we need money? 10/3/22
I found out that Mary Van Brittan Brown and her husband invented an innovative home security... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
I will be focusing on B. 1) What might happen if this example of bias isn’t dealt with? I... Activity 3: Pick a person 10/3/22
I think one way we could introduce this to the NHS is that we could write a very persuasive... Activity 3: Pick a person 11/3/22
My answer is... It's better if they don't see it I said this because if they see it, they will... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
I think the consequences will be that everybody will go against Ukraine and the men in Russia... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
I think the consequences will be that everybody will go against Ukraine and the men in Russia... The Friday Vote 14/3/22
I said not sure, I said this because if the teachers know what the children need to improve... Should schools decide what they teach? 15/3/22
For my street sign, I would have a dog wearing a mask and with a speech bubble saying 'We can... What would your sign say? 15/3/22
I think that if I were to say something to Marina Ovsyannikova, I would say ' No matter how much... Russian journalist arrested for speaking out against propaganda 15/3/22
The thing I think schools in my area should focus on more is on practising for the 11+ ( at... How would you rethink education? 16/3/22
I think men get paid more than women because they believe that they have more qualities then... Pay in sports 16/3/22
I think one of the differences are... 1. President Putin is sharing the bad news about Ukraine... Spot the differences 16/3/22
The quotation that I have chosen is " They said Black people have to walk". My one word... One word reactions 16/3/22
I don't think that it is fair that big corps are allowed to play less tax than normal people. I... Should big companies be trying to escape paying tax? 16/3/22
The song I choose is 'Here comes the sun' by The Beatles. I chose this song because it is... #26 A moment for music 17/3/22
My idea to make the metaverse safer is to make checks on the person's real identity and see if... The Monday Challenge! 17/3/22
Thank you excellent_solution! Should big companies be trying to escape paying tax? 18/3/22
One reason why Ukrainian men SHOULD be expected to stay and fight is they will be saving their... Should Ukrainian men be expected to stay and fight? 18/3/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because even if they are different from us, they deserve... The Friday vote 21/3/22
What I meant was that they should be allowed to live in someone else's house or flat. If people... The Friday vote 21/3/22
I think we should reduce the amount of traffic because when I go to school by walk, I can see so... What ONE change? 21/3/22
My question is, How did you deal with all the problems you had? Linda and Melody answer your questions! 21/3/22
The idea I have chosen is Giving teachers free lesson plans, one day a month for planning and a... Choose one idea to explore 21/3/22
Wow, I didn't know that! The Friday vote 22/3/22
Thank you Choose one idea to explore 22/3/22
My idea is for schools I think they could create the atmosphere that was in the school that... The Monday Challenge! 23/3/22
I am choosing the self driving car. I think if this problem does not get fixed, it could lead... If..., then... 23/3/22
I think we should colonise a planet if we find one. I think this because, if we try to do... If we find other planets with life, should we colonise them? 23/3/22
I think the people would want to do more for a different planet because they know what would... If we find other planets with life, should we colonise them? 24/3/22
The word I have chosen is 'knowledge'. This sums up the news for me because when you read or... #27 One word! 24/3/22
To me, design means when we innovate new things and create new ideas and drawings. Also, I feel... What does design mean to you? 28/3/22
I believed that people with glasses where less smarter than people who did not have glasses at... What assumptions do we make? 28/3/22
I noticed the feature yesterday and saw that it was very helpful. Thank you very much for... Have you noticed something different about the Student Hub? 29/3/22
I like how intricate it is and how much effort and probably a big amount of time put into this.... Standpoint: Gender Inequality 30/3/22
I am choosing 'D'. This sums up the conversations I have been having about gender bias because... #28 Pick a pic! 30/3/22
One thing that Russia SHOULD do next is leave Ukraine and promise that they will never attack... What should Russia do next? 31/3/22
Thank You! Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 01/4/22
Thank you for this wonderful question. There are other types of bias such as conscious and... Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 01/4/22
I totally agree with you and I think that your statement is very interesting. Why DO women have... Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 05/4/22
Of all the people you have listed, I am happy to know that they have got justice and fame... Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 05/4/22
This is outrageous! I can't believe that women only have a very small gap into being a CEO of a... Standpoint: Races and Gender Bias 05/4/22
Sometimes in my school, we could have a vote to see who needs to learn and improve on different... Have you seen gender bias in education? 05/4/22
My odd one out is The tiger I have chosen this one because it is the only one with people... What's the odd one out? 15/4/22
My answer is Yes I said this because now that technology is developing greatly, many working... Will we ever stop using animals for work? 17/4/22
My answer is... Online farming communities I said this because if more people can get their... Which of these technologies will make the biggest difference? 17/4/22
My answer is... Yes I said this because even though they are from a different country, they... The Friday vote 23/4/22
I feel very sorry for you and hope that your family is safe and sound. I am so glad that you had... How can we help Syrian refugees? 23/4/22
Before, I use to think that boys never use to cry because they are more tough and brave. Now, I... Boys don't cry 23/4/22
I have chosen the section B1. I have chosen this because it shows the two father and son going... #31 Zoom in! 27/4/22
The quiz told me that I might be good at being a journalist or script writer for a news shows. I... #32 Media jobs! 29/4/22
The business I have chosen to write about is shop number 1. I think this business should... What should these businesses do? 29/4/22
I feel like girls and boys can like anything that they want to because just because of our... Biased Books And Toys 03/5/22
I think this '42%' means that there are only 42% of people left in Ukraine and I think this... #33 Mystery statistic 06/5/22
I think that they should operate as normal in Russia because they will be able to help a lot of... What should these businesses do? 15/5/22
After learning about this topic, I feel devastated that so many American youngsters are having... How do you feel about what you've learnt? 08/6/22
Yes, I totally agree with you and I think that Biden should not take the guns away from the... How do you feel about what you've learnt? 10/6/22
I think that Biden could shut down all stores that have gun sales. But, the owners should get a... How do you feel about what you've learnt? 14/6/22
I think that this is not true because even family can buy happiness, not just money all the... Can money buy happiness? 28/6/22
I think people might disagree with me because the phrase 'Money buys happiness' could be true in... Can money buy happiness? 26/7/22
Furthermore, some people who might disagree with me is people who own their own shops and have... Can money buy happiness? 26/7/22
Well done to everyone who participated! Even if you didn't get an award, you all tried your best... The Topical Talk Awards 2022! 26/7/22