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I very much agree, everyone should welcome immigrants also because they run away from their land... Sicily Borders 16/5/19
In my country arrive refugees because we are near Africa and there are many conflicts there .... Sicily Borders 16/5/19
In my opinion the people, in this situation, needs to move away from the death Would you move? 22/5/19
I agree, is never too late for start a better life Would you move? 22/5/19
in my opinion freedom is a good thing if there is an emergency, like terrorism or wars. Is freedom of movement a good thing? 23/5/19
for me Trump is racist and male chauvinist, and is not the perfect president for the USA. Is Donald Trump racist? 23/5/19
Very good project! I love the drawing . Walls: symbols of regression 03/6/19
For me Donald Trump is not a fascist but his actions are connected to fascism. Donald Trump: A Fascist? 03/6/19
For me Trump doesn't need to build this wall. It's a really megalomaniac idea, when he could... Trump's Wall: Final Piece 03/6/19