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In my opinion, the building of this wall, wasn't necessary. Yeah, i can understand why Trump... Trump's wall 09/5/19
Hello people, my name is enchanted_power My school is the Dante Alighieri, a very good Catenese... Welcome to our new schools! 09/5/19
In case like the war, i think that the people need to move away, because you never know what... Would you move? 22/5/19
In my opinion, in case of emergency,(like war), the free movement is a good thing,... Is freedom of movement a good thing? 23/5/19
In my opinion he is a bit racist, but at the same time he has got a different mind that makes... Is Donald Trump racist? 23/5/19
I agree with you about the increase of multiculturism. For me it is a very good thing to learn... Final piece of trump's wall 03/6/19
I agree, in my opinion the building of this wall is a very evitable thing. I can understand why... WALLS OR NO WALLS? That is the question 03/6/19
I agree with you, especially about the wrong thought of Trump that he thinks he is doing a good thing. FINAL PIECE : Walls only create hatred and discrimination! 03/6/19