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Step 1:the weather today is sunny and little bit windy Most extreme weather I have experienced... Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
Step 3: similarities, bad weather conditions Difference, different weather, there is flood,... Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
Step 5: 1 hot weather 2: sad, because bad weather causes loss of production 3,yes since people... Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
Step 6: yes, everybody is affected How has extri bad weather in your country has affected you Session 1: Introduction 20/4/20
Step 4 hurricane-is a Storm with volent,wind in particular tropical cyclone in... Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
Step 4 hurricane-is a Storm with volent,wind in particular tropical cyclone in... Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
Are children in my age going to school? Session 1: Introduction 21/4/20
Thanks for the tips,,, it's very educative UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 21/4/20
Amiable_pather. Climate change by raise of fire I... How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20
Dry Earth Every creature living on... DRY EARTH 21/4/20
Generous.3.I general either climate being day or raining will affect many countries because... How does Climate change affect extreme weather? 21/4/20
Generous.3.I general either climate being day or raining will affect many countries because... How does Climate change affect extreme weather? 21/4/20
4.Funny fam- this extreme weather change are very Cold and change weather bring a very difficult... Hurricane 21/4/20
5. Authentic is the world value which is brought out by beauty of natural plants. Human has to... GLOBAL WARMING (AN EXTREMELY DRY SEASON ACROSS THE GLOBE) 21/4/20
6.delightful snow. Yes_like in our country Kenya now... How have you experienced extreme weather? 21/4/20
If everyone egually affected by extreme weather. Yes because different people are affected... Is everyone equally affected by extreme weather? 21/4/20
Thanks for the teaching EXTREME WEATHER 21/4/20
1. They have a strong wind. 2. They have a volent strom. 3. They happen within oceans. 4.... The similarities and differences between cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. 22/4/20
1. A covid-19 pandemic is a global pandemic which is affecting the world today which it happens... Extreme cold weather - a facilitator of the COVID-19 pandemic 22/4/20
It is very important to care of our environment .by having environment day cleaning which... THE ENVIRONMENT NEEDS TO BE CARED FOR! 22/4/20
I like rain because without rain oceans will lack water and even us people and will lead to... Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
On my side ,I think my government must put measures in place to educate the younger ones like us... Session 1 Extreme Weather The Global Conversation 22/4/20
1. The fight against climate change,. I think first me myself l have to react before the... What is the role of international organisations and the government in the fight against climate... 23/4/20
My question for anita Ganeri about extreme weather is . 1. What was your interest on writing... #33 - Ask the author! 24/4/20
1. Wildfire- Takes away homes , wildfire as well as vegetetion . Which causes the wildlife... Effects of extreme weather 24/4/20
- The winds around the eye of a hurricane are usually the strongest. - Hurricane can be tracked... Hurricane Facts and Quiz 24/4/20
Step1. So that we may understand and get some tips clearly . 2. No some are experine fire which... Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 27/4/20
We should stay away from flooded places eg people who are near mountains ,rivers dams and lakes... Floods of the earth 29/4/20
It is a severe weather change which increase fluctuations between cloudy days and sunny ones and... Weather fluctuations 29/4/20
I agree with this idea ,to stop polluting our planet and all will be ok Mankind is in danger because of global warming 03/5/20
.Sometimes weather is extreme causing destruction and death. In our country Kenya we are... How does extreme weather effect us? 03/5/20
Step1. Actions to do now. . Provide emergency health care to the injured one. . Provide... Session 3: Responding to extreme weather 04/5/20
my opinion ,I think is no ''reason because all countries are not equally in their development... Thinking Questions from Session 3 06/5/20
what object is really vawable for Dominic is bayan tree . a tree that related to a fig tree... How do you keep a newspaper running during COVID-19? 07/5/20
I agree on this point because we learn things from others which is important on my side because... A new Hub Challenge! 10/5/20
No . according to the scripture nobody knows the end of the world . Is this the end? 10/5/20
1. cut down a forest to make timber and charcoal which is harmful to animals which live in the... What are humans doing to our planet? 10/5/20
1. Believe that teamwork is good it would best if all countries come together to help each... Responding to extreme weather 10/5/20
why does extreme weather happend and why does it affect us humans ? Gillian Burke answers your questions! 12/5/20
Can some one talk to you using a video call Gillian Burke answers your questions! 12/5/20
1. Flood in Kenya is also affecting plants crops because of the heavy rain impacting the... How Does The Weather Affect Our Food? 12/5/20
can people use tecnology to save peoples life ? Your questions answered by an expert: Fran Scott! 13/5/20
1.we often call the result global warming but it is causing a set of changes to the earths... Global warming 13/5/20
Here are important facts of how does extreme weather affect children. 1. In the last decade... How does extreme weather affect children? 18/5/20
I got 8over 10 Take the extreme weather quiz! 19/5/20
can i do it again please Take the extreme weather quiz! 19/5/20
l got 20/20. Take the extreme weather quiz! 19/5/20
That is the best l love it. Dr. Helen Czerski speaks to the BNC! 22/5/20
I thing that she is right thats good VIDEO: Extreme weathers 29/5/20
that is the best VIDEO: Extreme Weathers 29/5/20
plastics are the most collected waste by the NGO ocean conservancy in their annual clean -up... HOW DOES PLASTIC POLLUTION ENTER THE OCEAN? 29/5/20
A drought is a period of drier - than normal conditions that results in water - related problems... Drought 29/5/20