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Gender inequality is a social phenomenon our society face it everyday. Especially with Arab... Bias and inequality: the challenges 22/2/22
I will go with question number 3, and the easy thing that could be done at school to help break... A video challenge! 22/2/22
Instead of asking How can we help Syrian refugees? We should ask How can we stop the problems... How can we help Syrian refugees? 20/4/22
For whom we are? This title is the first thing that came to my mind. We're all for each other. I... Give this photo a title! 20/4/22
Yes we should decide to stop the war since we're the biggest part of it we do war we stop war. How can we help Syrian refugees? 20/4/22
Why the topic of refugees should be a big issue!? Peter Gatrell answers your questions about the history of refugees 20/4/22
Question number 3 and yes every country that receives refugees should help them since it's its... Activity 2: Responses to the current refugee crisis 23/4/22