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best quiz ever Quiz time: How to use the Hub! 19/9/18
people should not be home less Homeless housing 19/9/18
the is great Welcome to the Burnet News Club! 20/9/18
i will help as much as i can People being chucked out of there homes help stop it! 20/9/18
people should stand up for them how are the people in Myanmar going to survive in Bangladesh and fighting over food 21/9/18
your welcome People being chucked out of there homes help stop it! 21/9/18
i agree MYANMAR 21/9/18
i think the children should get a seat Who should get your seat? 21/9/18
i feel sorry for the people in Myanmar because they have suffered a lot for starters they had... Weekly Competition #3 27/9/18
this is a good point about why the people in Myanmar are not going to survive without houses people in Myanmar being moved out their homes 28/9/18
good and useful tips thank you! How to win STARS on the Hub! 28/9/18
i think they should move because they have suffered enough from floods,moving houses Should The Rohingyas' Move From Myanmar? 28/9/18
i will help as much as i can people are being killed by the floods witch caused them to leave 01/10/18
I agree with you and this is why : Myanmar people are suffering and they need help they have no... This needs to stop Myanmar are suffuring 01/10/18
i think A is the odd one out because B and C are both videoing Weekly Competition #4 02/10/18
I would give the children a seat because they are young and they need help so that is why I i... Who Should Get My Seat? 02/10/18
Thank you for the help to make a post. people in Myanmar are suffering 03/10/18
Today i saw a fox it made my curiosity go up because it looked like it was waiting for someone.... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
Since money is gone we could use medals because you would have to win competitions to get a medal. Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18
I would spend it on children who are homeless because with the money they would change their... Weekly Competition #10 12/11/18
On the dry endless desert island, I looked around but all I could see was sand so i started... Weekly Competition #11 19/11/18
I am sceptical about headline B because if there is no money people don't have to worry about... Weekly Competition #12 26/11/18
Money matters as much as the air we breath as without it we would die from cold and hunger. Weekly Competition #13 03/12/18
Living my strong life In the glorious old days I drop low , banks rise Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
This advice is aimed at adults. If you want to keep your children happy and save your money you... Weekly Competition #15 17/12/18
But is democracy always the best choice? As you have said the majority wins but people don't... Is Democracy Always The Best Choice? 18/3/19
Can you give me a example for this as I only thought the UK and most countries used direct... Is Democracy Always The Best Choice? 18/3/19
Today at school was a special event for being 100% attendance and two people made it to 100% and... Weekly Competition #27 25/3/19