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I think picture a is the odd one out as it is the only picture within the warzone. Weekly Competition #4 01/10/18
I agree because she has done many great things, like you said, and does not panic during the... Aung San Suu Kyi criticised (2) 01/10/18
I think you're right and I surely agree with you and your points. Persecution Crisis 01/10/18
We could help by posting information about the Myanmar crisis on the web and gather public... Can we help the Rohingya? How? 08/10/18
There's a rumour that curiosity killed a cat. I wondered as I trudged through a gloomy alley. I... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
Something big, dark. Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
I strongly agree with your opinion as you should think if you'd prefer a truckload of poor... Weekly Competition #5 08/10/18
I personally think that there is always hope only with enough harmony, respect and realisation... Is there hope for the Rohingya? 11/10/18
I believe that the reason behind this crisis is simply public opinion. The majority of residence... Who's Fault Is It? 11/10/18
Iam sure that the homes of the Rohingya are being burnt however, this does not include the whole... When will Aung San Suu Kyi speak up about this? 11/10/18
Your opinion is you saying that she's blaming the terrorists, and not what she should do next.... What should Aung San Suu Kyi do? 🤔 11/10/18
I do agree that actions speak louder than words as you can say something but make everyone... Weekly Competition #6 15/10/18
Instead of inventing an actual sustainable and working currency we could have no money. Way... Weekly Competition #9 05/11/18