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Wow what a good post there is a lot of explanation to the problem !!😁 Haiku Slam - Knife Crime 23/9/19
love the post this can give other people ideas for there own Why? 23/9/19
Nice starter piece I enjoyed reading it !!!😁😁 China and Britain taking over Hong Kong 23/9/19
I totally agree we should definitely not get involved because we don’t want war .😱😱 Should we get involved -both sides 23/9/19
This is a very heart touching post these poor animals in the Antarctic are dieing .😭 why will the earth end ? 23/9/19
I know this is a random question but how do u know my name ?? Your chance to ask the experts! 23/9/19
Oh my word this is a lot of work it has given me a lot of ideas to magpie of this piece WELL DONE !! What was the Sino-British joint declaration about? 24/9/19
Thx for the comment it is possible that they were given a sentence to death. Hong Kong’s book sellers ??? 24/9/19
Ty for the comment sc 😁 Hong Kong’s book sellers ??? 25/9/19
Oh ty tom I will check it out😁 Hong Kong’s book sellers ??? 25/9/19
I think we shouldn't get involved because China and Britain work together on projects to make... Should we get involved -both sides 06/11/19
Like everyone else is saying this is a lot of work you should be very proud it must of took a... What was the Sino-British joint declaration about? 06/11/19
I hope you like my post ?? Thinking questions for the Hong Kong crisis ?? 07/11/19
I think this is a good post because it tells me a lot about Anne McClain and what she... Is space lawless? 07/11/19
I am loving this post I really enjoined reading it and it gave me many ideas I am actually right... Letter to MP - is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? 20/12/19
i think that the internet can lead to mental health issues because for e.g if someone is using... What could future illnesses be for the world ? 18/3/20
i think that the nhs should be proud of themselves for their work and effort but i still think... Is this enough? 18/3/20