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This has always stuck as a stain in our society, and needs to be changed as we people are all... What assumptions do we make? 09/3/22
In England we have made certain laws about gender bias but there are still the odd gender bias... #24 Success stories! 09/3/22
If this problem does not get fixed, then an astonishing amount of lives could be loss, they... If..., then... 23/3/22
an outfit shows someone personality, what they believe in and there culture. Red carpet recap 20/4/22
It also shows the way people feel about the world. Red carpet recap 20/4/22
Its the same countries that are dealing with famine, and this needs to be stopped What would be your first focus? 20/4/22
I think if animals work for us we give them treats to go on for motivation and to say there... It's acceptable if... 20/4/22
Many individuals make fake news to see how people react in different ways and they also... What's the best advice? 20/4/22
Help the Russian people but somehow not help Putin. What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
It will be hard to get past Putin. What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
we can donate and provide. How can we help Refugees? 27/4/22
Putin controls the government. What should these businesses do? 04/5/22
refugees will need our help to stop the war and famines in their. How can we help Refugees? 04/5/22
There is lots of fights on twitter. If Elon releases some rules there will be massive fights. First thoughts 11/5/22
I think we should leave nature to be the survival of the fittest and not intrude evolution. Improve the innovation! 11/5/22
we should leave nature alone with there cycle of life Improve the innovation! 18/5/22
Even if someone your related too was bad doesn't mean your bad as a person. people change and... When should you be judged for your ancestors’ actions? 18/5/22
Overall, I think that the Monarchy and her family are just role models for the uk they have very... Who do you agree with most? 15/6/22
Costs are going up madly now and inflation Is uncontrollable. Some people are really struggling... Challenge and big questions! 22/6/22
my show would be for people my age, talking about relatable things in life that happens to... Activity 2: Design your own radio show! 22/6/22