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If I were a leader of my country, I would promise the people that we would stop producing carbon... #12 Important promises 24/11/21
When I read about this story I was not surprised that Sudan is in a state of emergency as the... Take our Coup in Sudan quiz 24/11/21
Some people would say that justice has been achieved as the the court and jury has decided that... What are the different opinions on this case? 01/12/21
The window which has artificial intelligence excites me the most as it foreshadows that us... Put yourself in the story! 08/12/21
😠 Countries are promising only to decrease the amount of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. This... Reality, reveal, react! 26/1/22
1. How did you feel when you stood up for woman's rights? 2. Keep on fighting Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 09/2/22
I think icon A would be used as a news app icon as it represents creativity, ideas and sparks... #20 The winning icon 09/2/22
I think the man is thinking that we should get our act together and work as a whole planet to... Think of a thought bubble 09/2/22
funny_currant's comment continued: I think the woman feels infuriated by how we are not cutting... Think of a thought bubble 09/2/22
I said schools where I live should focus more on technology as its going to be a major - maybe... The Monday Challenge! 09/2/22
Were you scared at first when you decided to stand up to woman's rights? Special opportunity - ask a question to Malala! 09/2/22
I chose care A president needs to care for their people in order to sustain their power and not... What's most important in a world leader? 23/2/22
and aid them in order to retain power and order in their country, otherwise it will descend into... What's most important in a world leader? 23/2/22
I think shopping will be different in the future as big companies such as Amazon own more than... Travel to the future 23/2/22
I would like to live in America as I would like to become a politician and care for my people... Activity 1: boys or girls 23/2/22
You chose the heart! So your question is... What is the best news that you have heard in my... #30 Dog, plane, sun, heart 20/4/22
The business that I have sells essentials and luxury goods. I believe that this business should... What should these businesses do? 27/4/22
I think there should be a limit on what luxury items should be sold as this will decrease the... What should these businesses do? 04/5/22
Tom, thanks for the advice! I am sure that I will get more stars now How to win stars this week: good explanations 04/5/22
The quiz told me that I would make an excellent news presenter or news forecaster. I personally... #32 Media jobs! 04/5/22
The drones firing seeds under the soil is an exceptional innovation to reduce carbon emissions... Improve the innovation! 11/5/22
Personally, I strongly believe that you should be never judged for your ancestor's actions as... When should you be judged for your ancestors’ actions? 18/5/22
I think that virtual activism is the most effective type of protest. Nowadays in our modern... What's the best way to protest? 15/6/22
Pip is definitely wrong, a multitude of jobs requires speaking and listening. One of these jobs... #38 That's not right! 15/6/22