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I feel disappointed and shocked that this is happening in the modern day. We were told that from... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18
This is such a fantastic start-of-topic quiz. I hope we have more of these coming soon! It's... What have you learnt so far? Try our quiz! 26/9/18
I think picture C is the odd one put because it doesn't show a scene from an argument or a... Weekly Competition #4 28/9/18
Sorry about that, may I now add a conclusion: In conclusion, every perspective of a news story... "Every perspective on a news story is equally important"-Final Piece 17/10/18
I agree that Modi has chosen Myanmar over Bangladesh. However, I do not believe that they had a... Modi and the Rohingya crisis 17/10/18
I agree because before seeing this comment and whilst scrolling through, I thought that a... Weekly Competition #8 01/11/18
I did some research into prehistoric currencies and ways of buying and selling products. Just... Weekly Competition #9 02/11/18
Your welcome! I compiled information from different websites about the financial crisis and its... Why did house prices start to decline in 2006? 15/11/18
I went to the bank Asked why my money had gone It simply was lost! I wrote this poem... Weekly Competition #14 12/12/18
Group of police officers brutalize a weaponless knife crime suspect. Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19
I think it's intriguing that people who do not have weapons but fit some police officer's... Weekly Competition #16 10/1/19
I am entering this competition. If I don't win, I absolutely cannot forgive you. If you want me... Weekly Competition #17 16/1/19
I chose reformation because I believe it is important that criminals' mindsets are changed. It... Weekly competition #19 01/2/19
The meaning of those two lines are fact that the victim is underrepresented and underestimated. Ode to Perpetrators of Violent Crime 13/3/19
I wrote a post recently about this. Maybe you could check it out! Ode to Perpetrators of Violent Crime 13/3/19
It also shows that they are more than just another dead person and that they had a life and a... Ode to Perpetrators of Violent Crime 13/3/19
Ms. May resigns as PM. This could be true because Theresa May might be considering resigning. Weekly Competition #26 20/3/19
Direct democracy is allowing the public to vote on issues rather than having elected individuals... Weekly Competition #28 03/4/19
Absurd ideas from el Presidente. The man impeded by the heavy sackful of dollars is Uncle... Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19