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I mostly agree with you because it shows that we can go to space Is space travel more important than climate change? 11/12/19
I agree because it shows how much you know about asteriods Asteroid mining, can we do it? 11/12/19
Very instresting and I like the fact about that the atificial creation Send robots into space, not humans 11/12/19
Cool to know that Mercury is the nearstest to the sun What about the other planets? 11/12/19
I think it's loud in space because the asteroids make noise and they come from space Is space silent 13/12/19
I agree because there are more people than robots on earth so then it's better to send humans up to space Send robots into space, not humans 13/12/19
I agree with you because your right about trumps space exploration Trumps space force do you agree? 13/12/19
You could build a rocket to go to Mars and also by 2030 trump will build a rocket How are we going to go to Mars? 13/12/19
Space can be silent sometimes but it be Space is silent because it's a sound of a vacuum and... Is space silent 13/12/19
You can live in space but you will need food ,drinks and somewhere to sleep Can we live in space? 13/12/19
I think Elon Musk is wrong because he doesn't make electricity and he is the one who made people... Elon Musk, what's going on ? 13/12/19
Sorry about the other comment I accidentally pressed submit for approval Is space silent 13/12/19
I think the story is amazing because it shows how much you know about space exploration and also... The 1st ever rocket launch. 13/12/19
If we found aliens I think we should try to be nice because who knows if they hate technology or... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 13/12/19
Well done!I really liked the way you used pictures and used both sides of the argument Why we can’t move to mars and what it could to to our bodies 13/12/19
Great post but it just needs a little tweak and I think the first man to step on the moon was Buzz Aldrin The diary of Neil Armstrong 13/12/19
Although ElonMusk is destroying the environment with spacex ,he is throwing money away which he... Elon Musk, what's going on ? 13/12/19
I really like space because I would want to go to space and explore it. What is the universe expanding into? 13/12/19
Thank you skillful_skill for commenting on my comment Elon Musk, what's going on ? 13/12/19
I like your post because it shows how much I agree with you The univers and many strange things about it 13/12/19
I like how you thought about if we can live in space and also you need to tweak it a little bit Can we live in space? 13/12/19
I agree with you skillful_turtle because we should focus on mars and also we should explore it Mars vs Moon 13/12/19
We should focus on mars because we have all ready went to the moon Mars vs Moon 13/12/19
The people who were first in space were NeilArmstrong Buzz Aldrin SPACE QUIZ 13/12/19
I think space is a minor addiction to some people because of the levels of curiosity What space does to us. 17/12/19
There is sound in space because stars have different sounds in common Is space silent 07/1/20
You did the post very accurate and used good feartures Should the UK use a PR system? 10/1/20
Love your post Should the UK use a PR system? 10/1/20
Citizens don't have enough power because not all people have power Do Citizens have enough power over the country? 13/1/20
Not a bad post but you could use some more explaining and expression Should their be two prime minister per country??? 13/1/20
I think that citizens have enough power to change Do Citizens have enough power over the country? 17/1/20
Politicians should have more experience because you need experience and also a politician needs... Who could be our next prime minister? 22/1/20
We did a great post and we participated in the discussion and debate and we did well on our post What makes a good political debate 28/1/20
People do like Greta thunberg and also they like the fact about her Are politicians well known for their bad actions more than their good ones? 28/1/20
Good post and also you have got it right, people should have more power and they should push... Who should have more power people or politicians? 28/1/20
I got 11/15 Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 28/1/20
It was a great quiz and also it's good for you Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 28/1/20
I think he was racist because he did that and he was laughing at them Did Justin Trudeau mean to be racist? 28/1/20
Geuine_cat you are creating one of the best pieces I have ever seen Three changes... Are MP checkers a good idea? 12/2/20
I did very well I'm impressed The law 14/2/20
I got 9/16 New NHS Quiz! 26/2/20
I personally don’t think Donald Trump should take care of it because he doesn’t work at the NHS If Donald Trump gets the NHS will he take care of it? 02/3/20
Well argued points and have added the biggest impact and the order is perfect THE NHS NEEDS CHANGE. 05/3/20
Very good post. Good and you told us that the NHS might be secretly hiding pressure and you told... Is the corona virus helping the NHS? 06/3/20
Thats true because you said that staff to support the patients works How can we save the NHS? 07/3/20
I think it should be because poor people can afford it as well as everyone else Should the NHS be in different countries 07/3/20
Looks like your very scieney and you said the main question, you know the NHS have gotton... Should the NHS get better funding? 07/3/20
Your not going to get a star like that and also you didn't tell them that it's good explanation. What is happening! Explained 13/3/20
pretty good research and it's good you know the answers. You did really well in terms of research. What is the difference between the NHS in 1970 and 2020? 19/3/20
I agree with you because we should do anything to improve the NHS including adding more hospitals. NHS hospitals do we need more? 19/3/20
I found a lot of information on the link thank you very much and I know more about the coronavirus. The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 19/3/20
Well done! The Debate 19/3/20
It would benefit because if they didn't have a lot of money they wouldn't have the health care... Is it a good or bad thing to modernise the NHS? 20/3/20
I agree with you because you know the Jude of the purchase and I agree with 50/50 on junk food.... NHS 20/3/20
Your comment is flourish and really good and it shows that the NHS do need more funding and also... What is happening! Explained 20/3/20