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I agree we should not get involved. A LETTER TO MR. GOVE : the Hong Kong crisis 25/10/19
Your text is really good. You used lots of facts which made me realise why you think that.... Letter to Mr Gove 25/10/19
Thank you I am shure yours will be even better. A letter to Mr Grove 25/10/19
Very good text A letter to mr Gove 25/10/19
I strongly agree with you and you have used really good and powerful facts and words that made... Dear Mr Gove 25/10/19
Good text Letter to mr Gove 25/10/19
Thankyou A letter to Mr Grove 25/10/19
I believe that we should keep trying to find more mysterious planets so that we can find which... Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 20/11/19
I agree that we need to make a change about the waste we spread in space because otherwise we... Why Space Waste Is Bad And How To Stop It 20/11/19
I think that we should explore further because then we will discover more things about space. We... Do you think we can go further out to space then we have now?What are your answers. 21/11/19
My strongest opinion is to have a age limit because toddlers are very little and they could be a... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 21/11/19
I believe that there should be other planets that we could transport people to because if there... Could there be any other planets that human life could be transported to? 21/11/19
I believe that we are not the only living form on earth. Firstly we have not discovered a lot... Are we the only living life form in the universe? 21/11/19
I believe that there is life on the different planets maybe not Pluto because it is... Is there life on the other 7 planets? 29/11/19
I believe that we should try and let other people live on other planets because this could... Should we attempt to live on other planets? 02/12/19
There is many reasons why space is so important so yes space is important and I believe that we... Why is space so important ? 02/12/19
I think that we would need to build some homes, food shops and a safe zone. The safe zone could... Should we attempt to live on other planets? 03/12/19
I think that we should do jobs on both planets because although earth is our home the planets in... Are we doing the right thing ? 05/12/19
I think that the moon is such as wonderful planet because it is the only planet (except from... Why should people go to the moon again? 09/12/19
I think that we should not send people on holiday to space because there are so many other... Should there be holidays in space 09/12/19
I think that we should go to the moon and mars because at the end of the day they are both still... Mars vs Moon 10/12/19
You have used lots of facts and I enjoyed reading it. Personally this is my opinion,I think that... Send robots into space, not humans 11/12/19
Thankyou The 1st ever rocket launch. 12/12/19
I think humans would treat aliens wrong because it is different and even though you should... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 12/12/19
Thank you we're really happy that you like our post we were also thinking of ant and Dec because... Who could be our next prime minister? 17/1/20
I agree Letter to Mr Gove 17/1/20
I think that you do have to be a good role model and here is why Firstly I think that if you... is it important to be a role model? 24/1/20
Yes I think they are and here is why So as we all know politics and prime ministers and the... Are politicians well known for their bad actions more than their good ones? 24/1/20
same rights because when they make a mistake it gets put in the news or news paper which is... #22 - I used to think... Now I think... 12/2/20
I think that this post is a really good idea and how you decided that you want to make a price... Working together in power!!! 13/2/20
I think that yes, all major decisions should be decided by the public because we are the people... Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 13/2/20
On my poster for the NHS I would make sure that the colours are bright and bold so then if they... #24 - Notes to the NHS 25/2/20
Me and my friend daring date got 16 out of 16!!!!!!! New NHS Quiz! 13/3/20
It would be useful because if say someone was a doctor or nurse for something specific,like... Should the workers in the NHS be reconized as a colour??? 19/3/20
I think that to improve the NHS we need to work with the amount of money being raised. To sort... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 19/3/20
I think that rubber gloves must and are there for a reason so yes I do think that they need them... What do the NHS spend their money on??? 25/3/20
I agree with you that not all NHS workers are under paid and all of the footballers are overpaid... Should NHS workers be paid more money than a footballer? 25/3/20
I have a lot of good news that I have been doing or I have seen. Such as every morning at 9am I... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 25/3/20
I think that anything would help as long as we are helping the NHS by raising or giving a bit... What do the NHS spend their money on??? 26/3/20
I believe that the NHS do need more money so we need to do something about it and yes the... Should the government pay the NHS more money? 27/3/20
I believe that I would in this situation so yes I would and then if this did not work out the... The future of health care 28/3/20
Hi. I totally agree with you the NHS definitely do need rubber gloves for safety issues but I... How can we stop the NHS wasting their money? 31/3/20