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I have researched why he built a wall and it kind of makes sense. He built it to stop preventing... Why do we need an election? 29/9/20
It was the funding for the wall. Why do we need an election? 29/9/20
I think both to be honest. It would be pretty foolish to leave no one in charge, because it... Do we really need a prime minister??? 29/9/20
I don't think it is fair. It is a bit like gambling, so you put in some money and you try to win... Is the electoral college fair?? 29/9/20
I do agree. In my opinion there should be more female presidents because they take risks and can... The President Games! 05/10/20
Every vote counts so you should be wise with your decision and who you vote for. Say what you... #5- Three Sentence Speech 05/10/20
I agree friendly_kiwifruit, you can listen to people campaign and don't know who people vote for. Should electoral points be changed? 06/10/20
By that I mean like someone who is 35 to 45 or 50 years old. Do you think there should be a younger President? 07/10/20
That is true eager_reflection, I do very much agree and your welcome :). Do you think there should be a younger President? 07/10/20
You have to be 35 or older to run for president active_badger. Do you think there should be a younger President? 09/10/20
I would still try and vote even if I lived in Montana or any of the other states that you... Is it worth voting? 12/10/20
I got 6, I'm going to redo New NHS Quiz! 12/10/20
Being wealthier would be better because you could spend more of your wealth on campaigning to be... How might being "x" make someone a better leader? 12/10/20
I think it is not fair as well, storytelling_king I think everyone should have the same... Should electoral points be changed? 15/10/20
I disagree with you, actually. Most people might vote for one person EVEN when the whole content... should you be able to vote in America even if you were not born there? 15/10/20
I got 21 out of 24 but my friend got one less than me >:) Take our American election quiz! 15/10/20
I go to 7/8 Quiz time! What have you learnt? 15/10/20
redid the quiz and got 8/8 Quiz time! What have you learnt? 15/10/20
Personally I don't think that is unfair. Say that if you were a teacher, you educate children in... Does every job deserve the same amount of money 06/11/20
I think, that the most thing about whatever it is, learning and expanding your mind, (if you... What's most important in a job? 06/11/20
I can't wait to do this final piece of work, it sounds really fun and for me it makes me think... What's special about this Issue's Final Piece? 06/11/20
I go 5/10 even though I did guess nearly all of the questions, didn't turn out well I guess! The Fun Work Quiz! 06/11/20
This is a very long and great post! Well done eager_reflection! :-) How has COVID-19 affected the world of work? 06/11/20
I feel like the most important part of the career is the beginning; starting off hard with... What is the most important part of a career? 06/11/20
Jobs are important, and here are my opinions of why and how they are important; *1, they give... Why jobs are important? 06/11/20
I got speaking-up, maybe that gave me more confidence to speak more formal and sharing my... Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 06/11/20
My (first) robot would be called: (female) Maya3000, occupation/job: Pet operationist (Vet).... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
Idea 2. (Male) Name: Mason27,483. Job/occupation: Police Officer and crime specialist. Targets:... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
Idea 3. ( Transgender) Name: Brendan. Occupation: Doctor. Targets: To stop coronavirus... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
oops, I accidentally did more than one comment, sorry! #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
I got 6/10, I'm pretty proud of myself for doing that since I didn't know any of that. Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 06/11/20
15/15. I am still proud even though this was pretty easy. First top marks on a quiz for me!!! Quiz time: How to use the Hub! 06/11/20
uh I didn't do the best job. I got 6/20 >-< Take the extreme weather quiz! 06/11/20
I got 22/24 it was amazing and I did redo the test after 1 or 2 months Take our American election quiz! 06/11/20
Oops, I got 2/8, I was guessing most Quiz! What have you learnt so far? 06/11/20
I got 7/10 Try this quiz about borders! 06/11/20
I have a question for Dion McKenzie, Question: What do you think will be in the future of... Ask an expert! 06/11/20
Im scepticism, I think I am happy that we all have different personalities and some people have the same. Take the skills-based personality quiz! 06/11/20
I redid this quiz AGAIN and got 8/8. I really enjoy these quizzes and I hope you do more. Quiz time! What have you learnt? 06/11/20
just found this post. Good job! My American Citizen Interview 06/11/20
good post! Great job! :) My opinion of the voting of the American election 06/11/20
I got 6/8 even though it was ages ago this post was published, though I did have fun doing this quiz. The End of The Issue Quiz! 06/11/20
I do agree with your reasons, although it will be cheaper for the company to run whatever they... Humans VS Robots: Which is better for work? 09/11/20
Hm, I think I would still work from home. Even though I think you work better (concentrate) when... Is it better to work from home or abroad? 09/11/20
It's so people don't travel everywhere, like cars, busses and planes, they all contribute to... Is it better to work from home or abroad? 09/11/20
Just redone, got 10/10 - yay! The Fun Work Quiz! 09/11/20
yes but why do you think that decisive_recurrant? Is it better to work from home or abroad? 16/11/20
On a street near me there is; a fish and chip shop, a post office and a Chinese take away shop.... #12 - A street near you! 23/11/20
Mine isn't working, it says to refresh the page and I did a few times, but it's still not... The Fun Work Quiz! 23/11/20
Can I ask Daniel Levy how hard it is to follow the current guidlines and how much you've altered... What's it like to run a football club during the pandemic? 23/11/20
My question is what guidlines are there and how are you coping to them? How much customers do... Cafe owner Natasha Sayliss answers your questions! 23/11/20
I don't think robots are good, I think people have too make mistakes sometimes. Do robots live up to human expectations? 23/11/20
I think that people still should still do zoom meetings and Microsoft teams because Clovis will... After covid will people still do zoom and teams? (Joint post with magnificent_argument) 14/12/20
I got 23/24, I'm pretty proud of myself! Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 14/12/20
I don't think it is right to stop all protests because there are some problems in the world that... Are all protests safe? 15/1/21
I don't agree. Some shouldn't be allowed to go on and get that violent on a subject that isn't... DO NOT PROTEST 15/1/21
My question is for Peter Tatchell. What do you do when a lot a people disagree with you and go... Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 15/1/21
I'd like to ask Peter Tatchell something. Do you always put your protests up on signs and... #18 Don't miss out! 15/1/21
I got 2/10 :( anything to help me would be quite good :( The Fun Protest Quiz! 15/1/21
Not all protests are right. As you have said, some people do it for others, to increase the equality. Are all protests right and are they important? 15/1/21
Depends what the protest is about, I think. Are protests effective? 15/1/21
Well, I learnt that some protests are well, more, interesting than others! The Fun Protest Quiz! 15/1/21
Sometimes you need to fight to get out more and get more people involved. But otherwise it is... DO NOT PROTEST 19/1/21
I think so, because if you just have one person doing a protest, no one will 𝘳𝘦𝘒𝘭𝘭𝘺 listen to... Are protests effective? 22/1/21
Some do, some don't. It really just depends on how many people in the area actually ᴄᴀʀᴇ about... Do the racism protests work? 22/1/21
It isn't the ONLY way to get your voice heard. But riots can make your voice heard. Posters... Violence does not get your voice heard 26/1/21
the main people who inspired us to protest were Greta Thumberg, Emily Wilding Davison, and the... Who inspires you to protest? 26/1/21
I redid it anyways I got full score so that's all good The Fun Protest Quiz! 27/1/21
I absolutely love these quizzes, you should really post more since I think we all like them so much! The Fun Protest Quiz! 27/1/21
Any celebrity, the Royal Family, any Sir or Dame, or anybody that stands out. Since the... Are protests effective? 27/1/21
Will do! The Fun Protest Quiz! 27/1/21
Same with me, even though if some protesters break the law it might be a bad idea if the police... Could protesters be allowed to break the law? 27/1/21
will do! Thanks! Do the racism protests work? 28/1/21
Hi, Burnett News Club, I am reading a book called " Freedom " By Catherine Johnson, which is... #19 Burnet Book Club! 28/1/21
Probably robots would to Virtual Activism since they have access to the internet and yeah. They... What would happen if robots could protest? 28/1/21
Also, you could programme the robot to protest so that means it doesn't give a question to why... What would happen if robots could protest? 28/1/21
Exactly what I would do! What is the point of a protest 28/1/21
In my opinion the point of a protest is that you can nit pick (find) any problems that the... What is the point of a protest 28/1/21
coincidence then! What is the point of a protest 29/1/21
Really depends which protest it is. Honestly, nobody can estimate what a protest will last for.... How long do protests last? 29/1/21
1 - To stand up for the environment. In my opinion this is the most important because it affects... #20 Ranking reasons 05/2/21
18/23 The Protest Knowledge Quiz! 05/2/21
I redid a few weeks or days later, and got 23/23! The Protest Knowledge Quiz! 08/2/21
During the pandemic it shouldn't be allowed to protest unless it is virtual activism or boycott,... Protests 08/2/21
Mainly because they stand out more and like you said, people can get hurt. if you don't want to... Why do people sometimes use violence in protest? 12/2/21
Police get paid for their job anyway so why do you argument about that careful_moose? Joint podcast by Super_Chicken and Careful_Moose 23/2/21
If a rover did ever find aliens, then it would actually be a negative infodemic. The aliens... Could there ever be a positive infodemic? 02/3/21
Sometimes it's better to have bad news, because people know about the dangers and struggles of... Is it Our Fault that The News is More Negative than Positive? 02/3/21
For me, it's definitely the rate of covid cases, it has gotten smaller over time, death rise in... #24 Numbers in the news! 02/3/21
I wasn't very good at this quiz.... I got 3/10 β™˜ The infodemic fun quiz! 02/3/21
My question is to Natasha Loden; Do you filter out fake news, or do you tell people about it?... Ask an infodemic expert! 02/3/21
I definitely wondered why people would give 2.4 million pounds/dollars for whale vomit :'D,... The infodemic fun quiz! 02/3/21
I disagree, because people are dying, and don't you think that is bad?! Youtubers, though if... Could there ever be a positive infodemic? 02/3/21
It does depend on what type of "aliens" there are, I think. Could there ever be a positive infodemic? 03/3/21
Every person who has a job would've either gotten put on furlough or loose their job, or the... How does an infodemic change the way people read the news? 03/3/21
I got 16 out of 20! What surprised me the most (silly me not reading all of the question) Was... Can you spot the fake stories? 04/3/21