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This really helps when you are new and start commenting on BNC How to get started on the Hub 07/9/20
I don't think he will be elected because he did not make America great again he made it worse Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
I think we could have a women president after the next 4 years Do think America would want another man president? 11/9/20
I think America should have a new president because a new president could break the wall and... Why do we need an election? 25/9/20
I agree with you marvellous_lemon I think the public have the same amount of power than the... Do politicians have more power over the public? 25/9/20
I think trump has made a mistake for not helping because with schools. Biden is making a good... How do the presidents plan to help our education 02/10/20
Wow that has changed over time! I wonder if black women can now vote in peace with the rest of the world. How voting has changed in America over the years. 09/10/20
On Good ideas your idea for the cereal is very good and it should be a real thing! What I look for in a good president 16/10/20
That would be a way to use less plastic and a way to help climate change What I look for in a good president 16/10/20
Well done I like the bow tie Does protest work? 24/5/21
Well done The future of work! 24/5/21
Wow this is amazing polite_swan A interview with polite_swan 24/5/21
I like your story in the middle it tells us that arguments can go well and not to well also it... What would you do if you were cancelled? 29/6/21
My score was 10 out of 10 but I did it 3 times because I got it wrong Take the Cancel Culture Knowledge Quiz! 29/6/21