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I did the quiz you have to thing really hard because some of the answer can be difficult and you... Survey: You and the news! 09/9/20
I agree he has just made it worst. What is the point of the closing a app because they did not... Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
Hi Involved_reindeer I agree with you I think Joe Biden because not just he old and wise but... Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
Because when he said that he would let people keep there jobs but hen he close them again. Donald Trump Update! 12/9/20
If someone gives you a piece of news you go and find a bit more information and then you can ell... What should be the consequences if someone creates fake news? 13/9/20
That is amazing good job Who is the most effective on education - Biden or Trump? 15/9/20
Hi empathetic_brian valuable_vegetable I would like to say a well done ๐Ÿ‘ and no it is not... The President Games! 23/9/20
Hi Katie I am so happy that you committed on my commitment. No I think that everyone have the... The President Games! 28/9/20
No we are all different so it will not mater about what colour skin you are we are all human The President Games! 28/9/20
Why do you say that The President Games! 29/9/20
We will never be the same because we will all have something different in us The President Games! 05/10/20
I think that people that live in a small country should get a bigger amount of votes ๐Ÿ—ณand bigger... What changes would you make if you had the power to change the American Election System? 16/10/20
I love your post because you have made your answer clear and interesting ๐Ÿค” Final piece 20/10/20
I love this post it is good and also a lot of support for you answer The American Election 20/10/20
I agree โ˜๏ธ your post is great because you have got a lot of evidence American election interview 20/10/20
I got 10/10 this is really about the past The Fun Work Quiz! 03/11/20
Thanks Tom The thing I dislike about the pass is that you do not know how they feel and also... The Fun Work Quiz! 05/11/20
I do not think this is far becuase we are still human and we can do he same. Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 24/11/20
Yes you are absolutely RIGHT Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 25/11/20
hi decisive_redcurrant I think that the robots can help us during covid-19 because they... Could robots help us beat the virus?? 03/12/20
Hi I think it is a good idea because like u said they do not need a brake but do they need to charge??? Robots: Pros and Cons 04/12/20
Hi funny_meteor I agree with you. Working From Home 04/12/20
Hi wise_rainforest I really agree with what you said but how about these jobs . Optitions... What jobs should robots never replace? 04/12/20
What would you do and what would you say? What jobs should robots never replace? 04/12/20
13/24 Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 04/12/20
This is a good post. WHO SHOULD BE ELECTED BIDEN OR TRUMP? 04/12/20
Ok thank you for answering my question.๐Ÿ˜€ What jobs should robots never replace? 07/12/20
This very nicely written How has COVID-19 affected the world of work 14/12/20
Everyone but it depends of what type you want Robots: Pros and Cons 14/12/20
this is an amazing post! How can working affect society? 15/12/20
I agree with you 100% Have a merry Christmas sorry it is a bit late but this is... Christmas Special Post! 02/1/21
I love post it is clear it have got a lot of information. Protesting 11/1/21
Yes but they should no have to fight for there right they should talk DO NOT PROTEST 16/1/21
I agree with you but I also agree with the man at the very end saying to stand up for others Session two: protests now - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 16/1/21
10/10 I was very surprised when I saw my results The Fun Protest Quiz! 16/1/21
Hi i am strong_quince Some people protest for there right some might be angry ๐Ÿ˜ก. Why do people protest? 16/1/21
Hi delightful_effort I do not think all police ๐Ÿ‘ฎ are bad but it depends on what they are... Are all police bad? 27/1/21
This post is amazing zing I would also say the racism is most popular and I don't think it is ok. What is the most popular theme for protest? 29/1/21
Thank you Protest Podcast: 26/5/21