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we should have MP's because otherwise who would decide? the public? the royal family? why do we have MP's? 03/2/20
I never knew that Donald trump got more votes! Is Boris Johnson the European equivalent of Donald Trump 04/2/20
this is soo helpful thanks How to win STARS on the Hub! 04/2/20
I definitely don't think they need more power but then again I think you should give them a chance #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 05/2/20
I love how you turned it into a poem awesome!!!!! My Politician Poem. 06/2/20
I agree because guns are murder weapons Does Donald Trump Fit USA's Guidelines For a Good President? 06/2/20
I agree, because MP's do get blamed for a lot of things but i'm not saying MP's can go off and... Do Leaders Get Criticized Too Much More For Their Mistakes? 06/2/20
Power is dangerous as if it fell into the wrong hands it could have a dramatic effect on the... Is power really a good thing? 06/2/20
I used to think that Brexit was just an annoying thing that adults and politicians worried to... #22 - I used to think... Now I think... 07/2/20
But I took it from a website and changed most of it? What is this Brexit business about anyway? 22/2/20
But I understand your point thanks What is this Brexit business about anyway? 25/2/20
This is a brilliant question ,I love you're reasoning and yea I totally agree with you so well done!!!! Is the NHS safe in Boris Johnson’s hand? 27/2/20
A brilliant question and brilliant answers I definitely agree, and with the coronavirus worrying... How can we save the NHS? 13/3/20
Do you think the NHS will survive and take on this virus feared of everyone, and will the NHS... Ask questions of our new Hub volunteers! 19/3/20
I agree robots are pieces of metal glued together with memory but as time passes technology is... Should we trust robots to provide our healthcare? 19/3/20
Yes I heard they've actually got a vaccination but they have to test it if it works first they... #28 - Good News Stories - Winners Announced! 21/3/20
Good job well done 😃😃😃 Do we Deserve Free Healthcare from the NHS? 21/3/20
my advert for the science museum would say: for all young inventors, engineers, and anyone... #40 - An Advert for Art 19/6/20
I agree valuble_insect art is an amazing thing with different moods its the perfect thing to... How and why can art change people’s emotions? 19/6/20
there are two types of street art one of which someone gets permission or gets paid to do it (in... Street Art: Good or bad? 19/6/20
I agree, with art you can express your feelings and almost put yourself in the picture also art... Is art a good way to express your views? 22/6/20
In a culture that celebrates children, the impression that you have to have "made it" in your... #41 - Ideas to Include 22/6/20
Many argue that art cannot be defined. We could go about this in several ways. Art is often... The arts :The thing what could be anything 22/6/20
I've heard of a place - a tunnel where you're allowed to graffiti all you like and to be honest... art is there to much 22/6/20
art can be natural we paint still life so if the painting of its beautiful surely the input must... Was art invented by humans, or was it always there? 22/6/20
ok thank you Art comes in all shapes and sizes 22/6/20