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If I were the leader of my country, I would promise my people to make education free Because I... #12 Important promises 21/11/21
In my opinion, picture B best represents the news because the bricks may look dirty and old but... #10 Pick a picture 07/11/21
1: The book I know is "7 Habits of Highly Effective People " 2: It is written by STEPHAN R.... #9 Think of a link 01/11/21
The News T: The idea of new discovery H: Hunger for the facts and facility E: Energy for the... #8 The News 24/10/21
1: I listened to Shaama Sandooyea 2: In my view, the most important thing she said was that we... #7 Share the expertise 16/10/21
I want to be an activist Not ecologist My job is to spread awareness about global issues... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21
My dream job is to be a "Social Activist " This job will spread awareness about climate change,... #6 Dream jobs 14/10/21
1. My dream job is to open a restaurant (especially for poor and needy people). 2. This would... #6 Dream jobs 11/10/21
The facilities are part of my innovation....... There are many people who have humanity and... #5 Innovation for your nation! 09/10/21
I also agree with you, believable_queen! COP26 conference and the climate change. 10/10/21
According to my point of view "listening" is one of the most important green skill for the... What green skills will be important in the future? 10/10/21
Challenge: Can you think of three green skills and give your reasons for each? Answer:... What green skills will be important in the future? 10/10/21
Right 100% The challenges posed by climate change to the food and agricultural sector! 10/10/21
Yes! of course, reading books increase our knowledge in any aspect and we solve many problems by... Books are a solution to all problems 10/10/21
Well said, appreciative_pear's! COP26 Summit: Women got to be listened! 10/10/21
A problem in my community is "Poverty" More than half of Pakistan's population is poor. I... #5 Innovation for your nation! 06/10/21
One of the biggest problem in my country is "water pollution" and over thousands of people are... #5 Innovation for your nation! 05/10/21
It is a fantastic experience. I have learnt a lot during this quiz. Test yourself with the Topical Talk knowledge quiz! 04/10/21
A problem in my community is of "waste disposal" that leads to land and water pollution. To... #5 Innovation for your nation! 02/10/21
Many of you might have the question what is cop 26? Let me explain, In 1992 more then 150... Is COP26 the "most exclusionary ever"? 01/10/21
I think COURAGE is the most important quality of a journalist to have BECAUSE if he is not... #4 Because... 28/9/21
"Responsility , at any cost should be the prime priority...." #4 Because... 25/9/21
Police heard a news about robbery today's morning .It is a house of a rich person of the city.... #3 Caption this 23/9/21
Investing team is busy in collecting clauses #3 Caption this 23/9/21
A press conference to media #3 Caption this 23/9/21
Quotes about work hard: "If people know how hard I have to work to gain my master , it would not... #3 Caption this 23/9/21
Following are some solutions of Climate Change from The Perspective of a Developing country: 1.... Solutions of Climate Change from The Perspective of a Developing country 23/9/21
NHS really need more staff and more debs Reason: According to NHS it was released in 2017 that... Does the NHS need more space or more staff? 21/9/21
We must write in our own words because words that we choose describe our "personality" or... Why you must write in your own words 21/9/21
Yse , your right absolutely agri you Does the NHS need more space or more staff? 21/9/21
The directors are relaxing themselves by using their phone and the actor gets tired of doing... #3 Caption this 20/9/21
Life is all about perspectives: Different people have different perspective. We have to listen... Power of perspective 20/9/21
Same like Olivia I have been getting better in cooking in lockdown also I have improve my drawing A special message from Tom and Olivia! 20/9/21
I agri you. You are right we are being connected with our teachers and friends through social... Are people coming together more during isolation? 20/9/21
That's amazing Facts and one Quiz about Captain Tom Moore 20/9/21
In my opinion we can slow climate change if we work together .Everyone must be involved with the... Whose perspective matters most? 18/9/21
COP26 is very informative and knowledgeable conference for people. We should keep to organize... Whose perspective matters most? 18/9/21
World leaders can reduce emissions because all the citizens follow them in all perspectives. Whose perspective matters most? 18/9/21
The best thing about learning from is 1:It allow parents to get involved which children's... What's it like to learn from home? 20/9/21
According to my point of view Yes, Cryptocurrency is a good thing to invest your money.... Are cryptocurrencies a good thing? 18/9/21
Hardwork is the key to success. #3 Caption this 18/9/21
He looks stressed, miserable, and trapped in the chains of capitalism. 👍🏻 #3 Caption this 18/9/21
Activity :1 Yes, I agree that thinking about different perspectives makes decision easier... Perspectives game: Difficult decisions 18/9/21
an actor work hard and get his reward because without hard work there is no reward and behind... #3 Caption this 18/9/21
there is no success without hard work also a reporter show his tiredness after a lot of hardwork #3 Caption this 18/9/21
The reporter has a courage to do his work whether he is tired. #3 Caption this 17/9/21
The reporter is damn ready to fulfill his duty in "every situation". #3 Caption this 17/9/21
Yes, I agree that thinking about different perspective makes decision easier because we think in... Perspectives game: Difficult decisions 17/9/21
"Life and time are the best teachers life teaches us the use of time and time teaches us the... #2 Children's news channel 16/9/21
Children's channel should be full of interesting stories with examples from real life... #2 Children's news channel 15/9/21
Children have a small habit that they try to do same thing that happens Infront of them... #2 Children's news channel 15/9/21
There should be inspiring stories for young children with strong morals ,they may be animated or... #2 Children's news channel 14/9/21