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The urgent problem in my country is that we have a lot of disabled children. So I feel if we... #5 Innovation for your nation! 04/10/21
The News: There is something new. Here in the news. Everybody should come. Number of events... #8 The News 22/10/21
I think that (A) lamp is the most relevant to the news, because usually the news reveals to us... #10 Pick a picture 09/11/21
In my opinion (C) is the best choice because, as we know, news always travels around the world,... #10 Pick a picture 10/11/21
Today I will tell you in my own words about what has been happening in Afghanistan over the... Afghanistan in numbers 10/11/21
Endangered animals !! It's great to talking about animals It's an interesting... #11 Tell me more! 11/11/21
How does war change people's lives? Not only the old or the young have witnessed wars, there... How do disasters and wars change people's lives? 17/11/21
It's great how you expressed the war There was a conflict in Afghanistan that began in 2001 To... Is it always the right decision to start a war? 17/11/21
I heard it from the news bulletin, but it seems that as you say the number is more than that... Is it always the right decision to start a war? 18/11/21
There is no solution to negative thoughts in a time of war, they hear the sound of planes and... How do we restore comfort after wars?! 21/11/21
There is a point I would like to make. you said that from your point of view you think that the... Should America Really have left? 22/11/21
Well, your question is very important and at the same time it is controversial, but in my... Even wars have limits. 23/11/21
So When different countries offer women more opportunities to participate in the economy, the... Even wars have limits. 23/11/21
Women's rights are the rights and entitlements claimed by women and girls around the world. The... Even wars have limits. 23/11/21
Okay She said in her post (The state should bring back women and make them participate in... Even wars have limits. 23/11/21
The issue of women’s participation in politics is a very, very interesting topic, that women... Even wars have limits. 24/11/21
Afghanistan has an unknown fate, do you think that it will indeed become a stronger war than... Can we guess? 25/11/21
In my opinion, war is what affects a person most negatively, first in terms of children. When he... Can we guess? 25/11/21
Do you know Reducing carbon emissions saves 153 million lives..! The accumulation of... Will we find the solution if we deepen ?! 25/11/21
This project is one of the most important achievements in my life This project or working on... What i think about COP26 25/11/21
Do you have knowledge? Until now, there is a neglected aspect of the climate change problem.... How Inaction on Environmental Change Can Deteriorate The Emergency in Afghanistan 26/11/21
Hello Discussion starter You ask that (So is it in every case OK to begin a conflict?... Is it generally the ideal choice to begin a conflict? 26/11/21
You ask that To employ the skill of problem solving, how can Afghan women impose their rights on... Hold your flashlight and shine the light on the victim 29/11/21
Emotion and reason are two main pillars in building a person, and they have the primary role in... How do disasters and wars change people's lives? 29/11/21
The Taliban regime instituted many strict rules and regulations that restricted the rights and... Is Afghanistan a bad environment for women? 30/11/21
I am really in these days and in this situation I never think that there will be peace in the... Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war. 30/11/21
I saw something in your post and I have a point to say You did not mention that the right to... Why? 30/11/21
I want to say something and that is that the country that is least prone to war is not the... Is there are kinds of wars too ??? 30/11/21
Yes I have an example My country Palestine in the Mandate that occurred in 1948, the British... Do wars have positive effects? 30/11/21
The good for Afghanistan is to stop this war. I think the Afghan people have seen a lot of... The conflict in Afghanistan between the Taliban and US forces 30/11/21
I will say what is the fate of Afghanistan in my own way In my opinion, the situation now is... Can we guess? 30/11/21
He may find a homeland, not only one, but since he is forced, as I mentioned, in my opinion, he... Why? 30/11/21
I think in my opinion we can help the refugees to integrate 1ـtake them on a tour of the... Why? 01/12/21
The laws, rights and duties of war apply not only to the military, but also to members of... Should you go to war even if you are considered as a peaceful person? 01/12/21
I would really like to have an interview with the announcer (Beheshta Arghand), because she has... #14 Interview who? 02/12/21
(Since you did not specify the type of dispute, that is, it is on the individual or society, so... The Thursday Thinking Question 02/12/21
I have chosen to answer my question (Will we ever make peace) I think it's the most important... Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war. 03/12/21
Thanks for the star, and now I will answer your question: From my opinion, I am absolutely sure... Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war. 03/12/21
Some people say that justice has been achieved because he was in a legitimate self-defense and... What are the different opinions on this case? 04/12/21
After a long and deep thought, I realized that what is happening with Afghanistan and its... Any Help...! 07/12/21
Dear Mr. President, I've seen what you're planning to say about the Kyle Rittenhouse case. I... The Monday Challenge: advise the President 07/12/21
Why should I write in my own words?! We must write in our own words so that it would be... Why you must write in your own words 07/12/21
I think it is not acceptable to start a war Because that will weaken the state, it will lose... Is it ever OK to start a war? 07/12/21
Well, in my opinion, the one responsible for the rights of those living in war is the... The war is over but life hasn't started yet 08/12/21
Well, in my opinion, all countries should stand by Afghanistan, especially the neighboring... Lots of questions for thinking 08/12/21
I like that example of artificial intelligence that devices can remind us and alert us of... Put yourself in the story! 08/12/21
Millions of animals are threatened with extinction....! #15 Headline of 2021 10/12/21
If richer countries develop AI technology but poor countries don't, I believe that advanced... What would happen if... 10/12/21
Well, I chose to answer another question because I thought it was important and there are many... Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war. 10/12/21
Well, thank you for your comment, and I will answer your question: In my opinion, of course, all... Any idea...! 10/12/21
Yes, of course, in my opinion, it will inevitably be someone who does not agree with my opinion... What would happen if... 10/12/21
I also mentioned that the most common reason that leads to launching wars is the control of... Those who love peace must learn to organize as efficiently and effectively as those who love war. 10/12/21
In the vote I said (I'm not sure) Why ? In my opinion, it is difficult to determine whether... The Friday Vote! 11/12/21
Artificial intelligence is the behavior and characteristics of computer programs that make them... The Monday Challenge! 13/12/21
I would really like to answer this question! It has become normal and acceptable to see robots... The Monday Challenge! 14/12/21
Example: 1_ (The alarm clock senses that it is raining) This is an example that applies in our... Put yourself in the story! 14/12/21
In fact, I do not agree with you. Those responsible for human rights are the major and major... Will it end or start a new Afghan war? 14/12/21
Thanks for your message, but there is one thing I would like to clarify. In my opinion, it is... Will it end or start a new Afghan war? 14/12/21
I would really like to answer this question! It has become normal and acceptable to see robots... The Monday Challenge! 15/12/21
I will say about China 1_ I was expecting the headline to be about China (We will build roads... Can you spot the bias? 15/12/21
1_ The story affects the most number of people is (Gaming regulations) Because it is common for... Which of these stories... 15/12/21
I think that the job of the journalist is very dangerous, contrary to what people think it is... Meet journalist Chris Sands! 15/12/21
I chose the games regulations because all of them talk about something global or perhaps... What's the odd one out? 16/12/21
Well, I chose by voting No, because from my point of view, when I browse social media or news on... The Friday vote 04/1/22
My reaction will be (surprised) Because a trillion is not an amount that can be ignored..! Can... How far would $1 trillion take you? 04/1/22
Well I think it's not necessary for big corporations to donate to charity because: In my... Should big corporations have to donate to charity? 04/1/22
Important news is warning, for example, news bulletins saying that (there is a flood coming /... The Friday vote 04/1/22
What questions do you have a bout the news in 2022..?! Lots of questions in my head 1_ Will... #16 Wheel decide! 04/1/22
Of course, she will not see that the idea is good, but we are talking about the world's... Should big corporations have to donate to charity? 04/1/22
I object to what you said 1_ There is no company in the world that can live and grow on using... .Huge companies 06/1/22
Well, in my opinion, there are many things that employees and managers of companies must do to... The reason for my company's success. 06/1/22
In my opinion, yes, I will refuse to attend this tournament. How can I go to attend a football... Should people boycott some sports events in 2022? 07/1/22
Thank you leadership dog.. Well, in my opinion, I am of the idea that the survival of the other... Competitions happen...! 07/1/22
In the vote, I said I am not sure because it is difficult to choose yes or no because there is a... The Friday vote! 07/1/22
If you say about the future, that changes everything It turns out that in the future, after how... The Friday vote! 07/1/22
In my opinion, a protest should be made against (sports and politics). Well, first of all, they... Should people boycott some sports events in 2022? 07/1/22
Well, I will say that (sports and politics) are the most predictive of the occurrence because... Which and why? 07/1/22
Of course there is a difference. Forecasting is something that is not in the hands of man, for... Which and why? 07/1/22
In fact, I do not agree with you. There are many international companies that we interact well... Is it possible to avoid big corporations? 10/1/22
This week, I interacted with a large company (YouTube) by watching many films and educational... Is it possible to avoid big corporations? 10/1/22
In fact, your words are wrong. There are very giant companies established in the Arab world that... Competitions happen...! 10/1/22
In the beginning (Do you think money will solve the climate problem?!) The climate is not a... Companies are a double-edged sword 12/1/22
Well, a million dollars is not a small amount that can be imagined..! In my opinion, there are... #17 Hey big spender! 13/1/22
In my opinion, (problem solving) is the most important decision because in solving problems,... Which skill is most important for decision-making? 13/1/22
And in my opinion, the most important reason for the success of anything, whether a large... What have you learned from the reasons for the success of companies? 13/1/22
I have a question (Will robots be a good helper in creating a stable climate and a clean environment.??!) What's a futurist? Ask your questions to Mark Stevenson... 13/1/22
My question is (why the big companies themselves do not donate to the poor and needy or support... Send in your questions about companies and charities! 13/1/22
In my opinion the graph of the number of daily cases of covid-19 in the UK Because it is... You're in charge! 13/1/22
Yes, it has become a station of interest for all people..! Some of them are afraid of this... Farewell to the real reality...! 14/1/22
In the vote I said "No" Why? Because we do not want to happen like what happened about the... Should covid-19 rules go to a public vote? 15/1/22
Yes, I agree with you, and it is not only a lazy generation, but a generation that lacks... Farewell to the real reality...! 17/1/22
Can robots predict what will happen in the future and how??! Ask Zoe Kleinman, the BBC's Technology Editor... 17/1/22