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I will summarize the motto in three things: Visual,Aural and Physical children almost prefer... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Cartoon programs should have good incidents such as comedy,excitement,drame and science,and... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
Children are of two types,boy and girl. Girls like cute programs and music programs. Boys... #2 Children's news channel 13/9/21
First of all, if we want to think about children, it is not difficult to find something for... #2 Children's news channel 14/9/21
Your work is your honesty. If you betray him, you betray all those who trust you #3 Caption this 18/9/21
Every persont has his language (his way to talk with people ) and its what make him special and... Why you must write in your own words 23/9/21
That's different thing l can try it . Nice to find a place you can see people are seem you ,... Read first! Get started on the Student Hub 23/9/21
Sure , that's write . In that kind of problems we can't but all of heaveness in many brains but... Can public awareness influence COP26 decisions positively? 24/9/21
In fact, one of the best opinions I have heard is to improve the infrastructure to obtain... Solutions of Climate Change from The Perspective of a Developing country 24/9/21
The journalist must know that the presence of all these things is necessary to complete the... #4 Because... 24/9/21
Yes, I agree with you, but I would like to add (with your permission) the skill of thinking, as... How to win stars on the Student Hub 25/9/21
The viewpoints are many and varied, the most proposed by adults, as adults are blinded by the... Why should young people be heard at COP26? 29/9/21
It is a great idea, but I have a simple question at the beginning of any project. There must be... Meet the world's first underwater climate strike activist! 30/9/21
In my opinion, she is right. They are proposing suggestions that may take a lot of time to... Countdown to COP26! 01/10/21
The matter is wonderful. When looking at a problem, I may have looked at it. I am one of its... What would the world be like if we could see other's perspectives in THEIR view? 01/10/21
When reading multiple books on climate change, this will help increase our information and help... Books are a solution to all problems 01/10/21
A problem in my community: It is frequent power cuts .and the answer : In fact, it would not... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
Children think in a very simple way, I mean adults always when the problem is big they think... Why should young people be heard at COP26? 03/10/21
Children think in a very simple way, I mean adults always when the problem is big they think... Why should young people be heard at COP26? 03/10/21
In fact, I think that the two parties should work together because we cannot deny that vehicles... Can public awareness influence COP26 decisions positively? 04/10/21
I think that it will not be difficult to convince citizens to stop littering the road by making... Solutions of Climate Change from The Perspective of a Developing country 04/10/21
In fact, from my perspective, it is possible to carry out group activities in which all segments... Take these things into consideration 06/10/21
In fact, your opinion is correct, but I contradict you with one point when you said that only... COP26 conference and the climate change. 06/10/21
A great idea. in fact, I would like to warn the owners of vehicles in general and people in... Cleaners should be alerted 06/10/21
I think protests give people a chance to talk about their own opinions and sufferings. In... Protest: Does It Work? 06/10/21
An idea that will not be bad, this will really help, but the relationship between planting trees... Starting with New generation 07/10/21
From my point of view, voluntary organizations are the most influential in society, because... The role of institutions in raising awareness 07/10/21
In fact , I dont mean it exactly . I mean that we can make it as a game or made a short film... Take these things into consideration 08/10/21
In fact I don't mean it exactly . I mean that we can make it as a game or made a short film and... Take these things into consideration 08/10/21
A problem in my community is the lack of productivity of agricultural land. And its solution... #5 Innovation for your nation! 08/10/21
It will not be difficult to convince film producers to make films about climate change, as this... Take these things into consideration 12/10/21
Ma the thing is not easy quite , but no one like to be alone , so we can look about a way to... The role of institutions in raising awareness 12/10/21
My dream job is to be an artist . I think the problem here that I will use a lot of paper, so... #6 Dream jobs 12/10/21
I agree with you , in my perspective this thing that we live it naw is because population... Rich & Poor (Perspective Time) 14/10/21
Wow , really it is amazing thing , but in fact I can't be sure that I will choose that kind of... Green Majors and their Impact on Reducing Climate Change 15/10/21
There are lots of problems we should find it in any country , for example , the problem of hugs... Environmental problems and their impact on climate 15/10/21
This is exactly why I want to be it . Thin drawing is a great way for communication with a... #6 Dream jobs 15/10/21
The press plays a major role in highlighting the image and spreading the idea. Millions of... The role of the press in slowing climate change 17/10/21
In fact, I did not think about this beforehand. It is really terrible to be the one who advises... Is being an influencer the best green job? 17/10/21
The best sentences i have heard , was ( i dont know anything about being a genius ) and Mr al... #7 Share the expertise 20/10/21
Thats a terrible thing . But in fact i have a question , you said that the volcanoes is making... Effect of volcanoes on climate. 22/10/21
Remember that you should be carefully . Exactly when you talk with people . People talk... #8 The News 22/10/21
On fact , i love haw do you think , but in my opinion you forgot to talk about children , thay... QUESTIONS ON THE INCLUSIVITY OF THE MOST COLLABORATIVE CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE:COP 26 22/10/21
In fact, I agree with you, this is not correct because we have to listen to the communities that... The Climate Crisis and the Power of Perspectives - (Topical Talk Final Piece) 22/10/21
I read a report on climate change and really noticed that part in which it was written that... The climate crisis and the power of Perspectives 22/10/21
There are many who have thinking minds, this category should be given more attention than other... Your personal perspective will make a difference 26/10/21
You all right , that thay should take different perspectives , and that's will help to make find... COP26: The Power Of Perspectives 28/10/21
You're right in fact, I watched that movie (Frozen) it was a really great movie, I didn't notice... It's time to see the action 28/10/21
I had previously watched a movie called (Detective Conan: The Azure Fist), and this movie was... #9 Think of a link 30/10/21
In my opinion, it is acceptable to start a war, but with conditions: sometimes there is no... Is it ever OK to start a war? 31/10/21
First, thank you for your comment, which was a good example about the causes of global warming.... Will we find the solution if we deepen ?! 03/11/21
Okay . In fact, it is not difficult to know the wronged side, for the wronged side always... Is it ever OK to start a war? 07/11/21
In fact, there are many types of wars, including: Psychological war: It is a war waged by one... Is there are kinds of wars too ??? 07/11/21
I think picture _ B _ is the picture most relevant to the news. Because the wall needs a lot of... #10 Pick a picture 08/11/21
In fact, I find that (more girls go to school) is the most interesting number, because this... Afghanistan in numbers 09/11/21
In fact, I think that the most interesting topic, is topic (B), and that's because many types of... #11 Tell me more! 15/11/21
In fact, no, no one is forced to do what he does not want, but sometimes, one cannot remain... Should you go to war even if you are considered as a peaceful person? 15/11/21
In fact, I am certain that the painful story dominates the sweet story, but the opposite is... The unseen Afghanistan 15/11/21
In fact, I think that the first poster is the answer to the first question, because America has... Three posters, three questions 15/11/21
As the official (virtual) president of my country, I will make two promises to my dear people,... #12 Important promises 19/11/21
In fact, if you are a world leader, my opinion will certainly influence, so I would like to say... You're a world leader... 19/11/21
In fact, I think that stopping the aid is unfair, but how do we make sure that the leaders will... Poll: Is it fair to pause aid? 19/11/21
In fact, we all know that changing a world leader's viewpoint is very difficult and almost... You're a world leader... 26/11/21
No, in my opinion, the rules should not differ between immigrants and asylum seekers, but more... The Thursday Thinking Question 26/11/21
The most important thing I learned, is that a soldier must listen to what the commander says... Guest post: What's it like at the border? 26/11/21
It is important for me to talk about the news, because it makes me more educated and aware of... #13 You and the news 26/11/21
In fact, I was attracted by Mr. Naveed's saying, that Afghanistan make of different races, and... Meet Naveed Noormal and learn about Afghan culture! 29/11/21
Everyone knows that women are half of society, and that they have a great role in raising... Even wars have limits. 29/11/21
Well, in fact, when you want to convince someone of something, you have to study the... The Monday Challenge! 01/12/21
In fact, I think that some people say that this is fair, and that is because the... What are the different opinions on this case? 01/12/21
Well, there are many cases where disagreements can be good, but before I mention them. I would... The Thursday Thinking Question 02/12/21
In fact, I am of the opinion, that if I wanted to do an interview, I would do it with someone... Today I'm interviewing... 02/12/21
Well, I'd like to do an interview with Mr. Naveed Noormal (Diplomatic at the Embassy of... #14 Interview who? 02/12/21
Well, at first, I mean the two parties, the Taliban, and the American forces, and the point of... #14 Interview who? 03/12/21
Well, in fact, I do not think that this factory will make a very big difference, as it is... Will the carbon-capture plant make a difference? 04/12/21
Well, in fact I agree with Mr. Peter in saying that getting rid of this problem requires... "We cannot innovate ourselves out of this mess." Do you agree? 04/12/21
Well,in fact , and in my opinion, that America will not return with weakness,. The... Lots of questions for thinking 06/12/21
In fact, I am confident that the decision should be in the hands of the Afghan people, and that... Should America have left Afghanistan? 06/12/21
I was really touched and shocked even more, as I read this, I did not imagine myself there, but... A Refugee's viewpoint. 06/12/21
Wonderful, I thank you for this message, and for the question you asked, I am sure that many... Any Help...! 06/12/21
When talking about Afghanistan, you can't just say anything you think. You have to evaluate your... Meet journalist Chris Sands! 07/12/21
Well, actually, I'm not an expert in wars, but what I do know is that there are laws for every... Any idea...! 07/12/21
Mr. President, in fact, I prefer that your opinions remain between you and yourself, because... The Monday Challenge: advise the President 07/12/21