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Why do young children carry knifes BREAKING NEWS: new strategies to tackle knife crime 12/2/19
I think Asmas poem had some very inspiring tips Writing your Final piece? TOP TIPS! 12/2/19
You are right children shouldn't be allowed to join gangs because children are to young😧 MY OPINION ON HOW TO REDUCE KNIFE CRIME IN THE UK 12/2/19
Why do children do violent crime How can we stop this? 12/2/19
We have been told that Brexit will end in September due to a 6 months delay questions? 22/3/19
Why does theresea may want to leave being prime minister The latest Brexit news! 29/3/19
Thanks for writing a comment Will Brexit ever end 05/4/19
Im answering on questions 4 Theresa may will leave being prime minister so there can be a delay Britain leaves Europe 05/4/19
I really enjoyed the bnc live event BNC live event 05/4/19
Thanks for your comment😊👍 Will Brexit ever end 05/4/19
Great answer😊😊 Will Brexit ever end 05/4/19
On the news how do you know it’s fake news How to spot fake news? 05/4/19
Thank you 😀 Improving our skills 24/5/19
No Britain leaves Europe 07/6/19