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why do children decide to take drugs? Children and drugs: Do they match? 01/2/19
For me Sajids idea is very smart because children under 12 shouldant buy or carry knives BREAKING NEWS: new strategies to tackle knife crime 12/2/19
Parents should take more care of their children and make them happy to stop them joining gangs 😞 MY OPINION ON HOW TO REDUCE KNIFE CRIME IN THE UK 12/2/19
In my opinion there should be more police (younger and stronger police) Are the police doing enough? 12/2/19
I think it will be hard to travell to cauntry from country and I also think that Brexit will... questions? 22/3/19
Nice post love it 😊 Will Brexit ever end 05/4/19
Nice speech love it and I like your opinion VIDEO: Direct Democracy Speech 05/4/19
Stayyyyy LEAVE OR STAY 05/4/19
I don’t like the climate change because it might destroy the earth Global Warming: Explained 07/6/19
Hello fossil nice post Improving our skills 07/6/19
I think they are Are Schools Doing Enough? 07/6/19
Love your post man Bye bye Theresa May 14/6/19
Love it Improving our skills 14/6/19
Stay stay stay 👍 LEAVE OR STAY 28/6/19
Cheers Olivia Improving our skills 28/6/19
I think that we should treat other people like we want to be treated Are we responsible for everybody in the world? 05/7/19
I don’t really think that schools are doing enough Are Schools Doing Enough? 05/7/19