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Why do we need to leave the United Union? Brexit: A fact file 06/3/19
I agree with grounded duck because everyone has a right to vote I also don't want to leave the... What Is Brexit? 06/3/19
Balanced singer why do you think Europe is long for EU. What Is Brexit? 06/3/19
Wait Tiff you know I want Jeremy Corbyn to win because he makes more police. Someone else should lead Brexit and here's who...... 06/3/19
Every single time my mum guesses each question which is always right. Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 06/3/19
You are correct because this might be where people live and get born. Leave or no leave 06/3/19
I choose stay stay or leave? 06/3/19
No because SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT I think Is Theresa May Considering Others Thoughts? 06/3/19
I got 9/10 Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 06/3/19
I'm not sure actually Did Fake News cause Brexit? 06/3/19
10/10 Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 06/3/19
SO if it really is fake that means people voted for nothing Did Fake News cause Brexit? 06/3/19
we can raise money for government and more police How can we stop crime? 06/3/19
if you say that to people who live and were born will get pretty sad Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 07/3/19
because they might be scared Why do teenagers carry a knife for protection ? 07/3/19
It start's by a person that makes a team of friends. How Do Gangs Start To Form? 07/3/19
one thing violent crime has risen from 2010 Has violent crime risen? 07/3/19
But you know that the number police have fallen Police force fail to record over 16,000 violent crimes!!!! 07/3/19
I am not going to lie because espacially it is going to end which makes me very happy because we... Brexit Slam Poem 19/3/19
This also a very good poem for bbc news, Sky news and every news in the world for us standing... Brexit Slam Poem 19/3/19
The MP's can't be trusted to vote for you because they might say something you don't want . This... BREAKING BREXIT NEWS! 19/3/19
I feel like putting security cameras everywhere except bathrooms because it won't be good for us... How can we stop crime? 19/3/19
this is really true if you go on my post on crimes people have been murdered all around the... Crimes 20/3/19
They murder because they might want revenge on what you have done them like attack them steal or... Why do people murder? 20/3/19
if they didn't mean why would they do it in first place? The reason why they murder is to fit in... Has violent crime risen? 20/3/19
Indirect democracy is when people vote for other people like mp's when they vote for us. Indirect democracy: is it fair or unfair? 20/3/19
It is fair because people get to say what they want on things like voting. Do you think democracy is fair? 20/3/19
Democracy is when people get they're say on votes.Indirect democracy is the opposite of what I... What is direct democracy and indirect democracy and which ones better? 26/3/19