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Answer 1 In my opinion the most difficult decision to make was to take the wounded to the... Perspectives game: Difficult decisions 09/9/21
Connection: From this we look back and search for something that happened before and try to... #1 Topical Talk triangle 09/9/21
I Hakinde Hichilema want to give advice to all other opposition politicians of the world Be... What advice would you give other opposition leaders? 09/9/21
There is an intrinsic link between democracy and human rights which cannot be disputed. Human... Connect the keywords 09/9/21
The third word which I can connect with the two is election. In a representative democracy... Connect the keywords 09/9/21
For Marine biologist and climate activist Shaama Sandooyea. Actually, I became astonished as... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 11/9/21
For former American Vice President Al Gore You are now the founder and head of an... Ask a COP26 expert - questions closed! 11/9/21
In my opinion I think the adult should thought how we could face the climate change problem .... discussion about awareness 25/9/21
I chose to be on team gaming comping. It is not our responsibility to regulate children's gaming... Whose responsibility is it to regulate children's gaming? 28/9/21
I passionately believe courage is the integral criteria which a journalist must possess because... #4 Because... 30/9/21
In my opinion yes and no at the same time.I believe those people who are spreading conspiracy... Should people who purposefully spread false conspiracy theories face consequences? 30/9/21
Air pollution is a common issue from global warming . So I would like to innovate such type of... #5 Innovation for your nation! 01/10/21
The fact of landing on moon is somehow overwhelming to the people. The moon landing was a very... Debunking the Moon myths 01/10/21
Today I'm interviewing someone from Iceland: we will be asking their thoughts on the new carbon... Today I'm interviewing... 08/10/21
I want to invent such a door by which we can move to any place with the blink of eyes. Though it... #5 Innovation for your nation! 09/10/21
I think young people can coordinate global negotiations as well as we have solutions. I believe... Why should young people be heard at COP26? 09/10/21
One green skill I think will be significant in near future is 'recycling'. “Our future... What green skills will be important in the future? 09/10/21
I have listened to Dhruti Chakravarthi, who attended COP25 as an official observer. One of the... #7 Share the expertise 17/10/21
The media is at the center in fighting climate change. The media is a wide reaching force that... The role of the press in slowing climate change 17/10/21