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It is very worth it The International Space Station: $150 billion dollars well spent? 05/11/19
i think there could be more planets waiting billions of meters away from earth or weird creatures maybe Is space what you think it may be? 19/11/19
it is not fake because it is merch Is NASA fake 19/11/19
i dont think it is because wouldnt we explored it allready Mars habitation: is it possible? 19/11/19
About the solar storms i think we should try and stop them because it could cause a colision... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 03/12/19
I dont think that it is possible because the Asteroid would be moving so unless we build a space... Asteroid mining, can we do it? 03/12/19
climate change because it wouldnt be worth the money going to space when there is another issue... Climate change or space travel? 03/12/19
Yes because it is a risk of air polution witch will mean we will breathe in the fumes of the... Ban Space Exploration 10/12/19
Maybe a ROCKET??!?!? How are we going to go to Mars? 10/12/19
moon because we dont know anything about about Uranis Mars vs Moon 10/12/19
my questoin is how do you get them to get a interveiw #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 14/1/20
This was very usefull! I now might get stars! How to win STARS on the Hub! 14/1/20
Yes because there will be no right of us being there just to listen to something we don`t want.... Do Citizens have enough power over the country? 14/1/20
Responsibility because i think that if no one was responsible people would lie in the Houses of... #19 - Concept Comments 21/1/20
No because people might be silly about it. If we did then someone might write swear words or... Should everybody vote? 21/1/20
I think we should stop knife crimes because there`s too many. Most of them happen at night so i... #20 - What One Change....? 28/1/20
Im in the middle because they represent your belief of what they do but they are still human... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 04/2/20
i think they should because the public believe what they should have so they should cheer them... Problematic politicians 04/2/20
that is art. Thank you doctors for saving us 25/2/20
I would say you warm the world when were sick. #24 - Notes to the NHS 25/2/20