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Second: What are the sources of bias? I think being bias has many sources, but if I had to... answer me.. 01/3/22
Because I personally feel like pride is the most common one answer me.. 01/3/22
Yes, men can be victims of gender inequality. Especially in situations where men are told they... Can Men Be Victims Of Gender Inequality? 04/3/22
A girl has a cartoon she likes watching. Maybe the cartoon supports the fact that women can cook... The Role Of The Media In Gender Stereotypes And How It Affects Gender Equality 04/3/22
I feel like we can break unconscious biases if we are given the right knowledge. Because I feel... Bias at work: conscious and unconscious 17/3/22
Studies from all over the world show that men find it difficult to open up about 'mental... Men's Mental Health 17/3/22
I feel like it is more uncomfortable to tackle a topic like teacher bias. After all, no one... Have you seen gender bias in education? 26/3/22
I personally don't think stereotyping can be stopped without changing a persons mindset. And to... Gender and colours 12/4/22
I think the headline should say PATRIARCHY CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR COMMUNITIES. This is an... #29 Wet headline 12/4/22
I think that beavers should have a world day because in dry areas, beaver ponds restore moisture... #35 Attention for animals! 21/5/22
Already, there are companies that are willing to improve nutrition through strategic funding... Food Security Interventions among Refugees around the Globe 23/5/22