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I think that we have gender inequality because of the way we were raised. Society has taught us... How does inequality begin? 01/3/22
What I think about the second point is that the sources of bias are : selection bias and overliers. answer me.. 01/3/22
Some of the qualities are: Being humble. Honesty Loyalty And finally creativity Is this your opinion too ???! 01/3/22
I agree with you on your fifth point ,it is really good answer me.. 02/3/22
I agree with your point, it is so strengthening to hear that women should be treated as citizens. What if there was no gender bias? 02/3/22
I agree with you too 👍 Gender Bias in the Media 05/3/22
I agree with you too 👍 Gender Bias in the Media 05/3/22
This is a really good comment I agree with you too, women are bias against each other because of... A video challenge! 05/3/22
I have a question, can I give other people stars ? Rewards: what to aim for! 05/3/22
Thank you for the information. Rewards: what to aim for! 07/3/22
Where we currently are, women and men are treated equally in terms of health care ,but on other... Period poverty and health care 08/3/22
I agree with you too , insparational comment. Let's celebrate International Women's Day! 08/3/22
I have to pick person B , If the situation continues they will lose more people who are... Activity 3: Pick a person 09/3/22
Some of the topics are: politics- women are mostly underestimated for what they can do and... Period poverty and health care 18/3/22
I agree with you as well . this is a serious matter that women are judged by the way the look as... Bias in the military 21/3/22
1. inspiring 2. it might influence conversations by telling other girls that they can be... Minnie Mouse's new look for Women's History Month 26/3/22
I think, as part of the European government I would enhance the living conditions because of... How do you think governments could help refugees settle in better? 15/5/22
i find that person c will find it the hardest because they have no support their family and... Challenge and big questions! 23/6/22
1. pack your own lunch it way cheaper to buy all the ingredients for a sandwich and make it... Spend and save: your tips 23/6/22
I would like to hear podcasts talk about things that are affecting our earth now like climate... What would you like to hear podcasts about? 23/6/22
They can choose to increase taxes but that would be a disadvantage to person c. They can also... Challenge and big questions! 02/7/22
To John Jo Devlin: 1 Is it hard to think of the ideas for a podcast? 2 why did you decide to... Experts from The Economist answer your questions on making podcasts! 02/7/22
Because it will encourage people to, for instance ride their bikes somewhere like to work. it... Challenge and big questions! 04/7/22