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Has the government of Myanmar helped with this crisis? Ask the expert: we need your questions! 15/9/18
In my opinion I don't always agree with what is on social media as it could possibly be 'FAKE'... Weekly Competition #2 15/9/18
I feel so appalled when I her about the devestating news on the internet. As people don't... Weekly Competition #3 22/9/18
In my opinion, picture B is the odd one out because it doesn't relate at all to the rohyinga... Weekly Competition #4 03/10/18
2) I don't think that the UN has done enough about the rohyinga crisis because as to what I have... UN Spokesperson answers YOUR questions! 03/10/18
I saw a unknown creature entering my house in the most mysterious and creepiest way possible if... Weekly Competition #5 05/10/18
This question is quite a difficult thing to answer. So difficult I'm struggling to answer it,... Weekly Competition #6 15/10/18
Your post is really amazing and detailed with so many things that I actually didn’t know about... VIDEO: Interview with Sophie Everest @ The Red Cross in Myanmar 18/10/18
The burnet news club is the place to be, everyone's welcome in the BNC! Weekly Competition #7 19/10/18
Long, long ago on a deserted island an ancient bottle washed up on the shore. What was it?... Weekly Competition #11 17/11/18
Did the Bank of England waste too much time worrying about "moral hazard" and not enough time... Ask the experts your questions! 20/11/18
The headline I'm most sceptical about is headline A). If all people under 18 did get £1,000 that... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
What can be done to ensure taxpayers do not end up footing big pay packets for bankers? 2. Bank of England reply to the BNC! 29/11/18
To what extent did well-intentioned policies designed to encourage the expansion of... 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 29/11/18
In September and October 2008, leaders of several large financial institutions told the... 3. Bank of England Experts respond! 29/11/18
The headline I'm most inquisitive about is headline C and this is my reason why. Money is,... Weekly Competition #12 29/11/18
Money matters because without money how would people work together as a team and eat and own a... Weekly Competition #13 30/11/18
Wow I've learned a lot of detailed facts that I didn't even know I didn't know that the... The Financial Crisis: What Affect Did It Have On People’s Health? 01/12/18
Money matters not only so people can use it for advantage. Putting that into consideration many... Weekly Competition #13 01/12/18
Money matters not only so people can take advantage of it but the people that are really in need... Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
I used a few websites to find my information such as... The Financial Distress!!! 05/12/18
I really enjoyed reading your post as it is filled with so much information that you cannot find... History of trading and money 05/12/18
Fear, Fear, Fear... The world is upside down Fear, anxiety and lots of tears Who made... Weekly Competition #14 07/12/18
My Haiku Employment down, output up Doing more with less Until everything is done by no one. Weekly Competition #14 08/12/18
I didn't understand at first what a haiku was but I posted another one but thanks for reassuring... Weekly Competition #14 11/12/18
1) MPs are unhappy and are disapproving of Theresa Mays deal since they believe that her... VIDEO: what's happening with Brexit? An Economist journalist answers! 12/12/18
To begin with I agree that what Theresa May has done is very selfish and Vacant. Also by... VIDEO: what's happening with Brexit? An Economist journalist answers! 12/12/18
With Christmas being an enjoyable festive time for many of us , we also start to brace ourselves... Weekly Competition #15 15/12/18
Thank you! Weekly Competition #15 16/12/18
Thank you very much. Weekly Competition #15 17/12/18
DEAD! 16:00 it was; sirens wailing people breathless , crying could be heard in the crowded... Weekly Competition #16 04/1/19
Ok thanks for the tips I’ll try again Weekly Competition #16 04/1/19
Forgotten, excruciation, secluded which of these words describe how I'm feeling? Nobody likes... Weekly Competition #17 13/1/19
•Does media violence have any impact on actual violence? •Is UK drill music really behind... UPDATED: Experts announced! Ask your questions! 23/1/19
The Met police are reviewing their gun crime strategy but what other steps are being taken to... Editor at the Daily Mail answers BNC questions! 29/1/19
Yay! Great BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 29/1/19
Your post is very detailed well done on the star! How can we stop this? 30/1/19
Yes I will try to do that next time Is it good to join a Gang? 01/2/19
Well done on the star and your final peice! VIOLENT CRIME FINAL PIECE 12/2/19
The phrase 'a bright gleaming hunger on the edge of the knife' in my opinion means that, that... What do you get out of this? 13/2/19
You can now do yoga with a field of alpacas! This makes me euphoric since it gives us as people... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
Really good poem I loved it!!! Violence, Shame On! 14/2/19
Great poem busy_song I really enjoyed listening to it! I'm a knife - why use me to take another life? 14/2/19
Wow Great thanks! Thought Leader announced! 22/2/19
When striking trade agreements, how should the country balance its efforts between breaking new... We need YOUR questions! 04/3/19
yay! Thought Leader announced for Issue 4 25/4/19
My dad migrated from Sierra Leone which is in Africa, to England here's the reason why... My... Weekly Competition #31 08/5/19
Yesss😄 Luckily Weekly Competition #31 09/5/19
Wow an interesting history on your family! Weekly Competition #31 09/5/19
I totally agree with your points in fact even though trump is being a bit harsh by making a... He did the wrong and the right thing 09/5/19
Will Donald Trump be prepared for environmental lawsuits even though already having difficulty... Attorney (lawyer) at Public Citizen answers YOUR questions! 09/5/19