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I think that presidents should be allowed to stay for more than 8 years because the citizens... Should you be able to stay on to president in America for longer? 27/9/20
I'd say the age should be lowered, but not to far because most young teenagers or children won't... Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 27/9/20
I agree. Everyone should be treated fairly, And if everyone did do that then some people... When people use the phrase "The black vote" 27/9/20
good post Why can't any person campaign to be president? 28/9/20
I think that you should be able to participate even if you come from another country. Should you have to be born in America to be a candidate? 28/9/20
Why would people start spreading fake news in the first place? hardworking_world #4 - A matter of facts 28/9/20
Good post Is fake news effecting election results 02/10/20
Lots of info Is fake news effecting election results 02/10/20
Everyone who can vote should vote because you never know your vote might determined who wins the... #5- Three Sentence Speech 08/10/20
Good post, I agree with you but i do think that some states should have more votes than others... Should electoral points be changed? 08/10/20
Good post What should you do if you dislike both candidates 09/10/20
Good post, i think that it will not effect the election to much; but some people might find it... How will the American election happen now? 15/10/20
I believe that Donald Trump is lying about having corona virus, for example feeling better after... Is Donald Trump faking he had coronavirus? 15/10/20
I agree with that, but if i had the power to change a rule, i'd make it so there isn't an... What changes would you make if you had the power to change the American Election System? 16/10/20
If I could decide a rule, I would make that both candidate could not insult each other because... #6 - Debate Decisions 16/10/20
Brilliant final piece hardworking_apple My American Citizen’s Interview 21/10/20
BRILLIANT FINAL PIECE FLOWING_STRATEGY My Citizen's American Election Interview 22/10/20
Great post, i really feel that your taking the role of another character. My American Citizen's Interview 22/10/20
Thank you My American Citizen's Interview 22/10/20
This is a very good post and well deserves to be on editors picks. My Final Piece (INTERVIEW) 23/10/20
Thank you, i'm glad you liked my post flowing_strategy. My American Citizen's Interview 29/10/20
Great post decisive_redcurrant i really enjoyed reading post because you gave different reasons... Could robots help the environment during Covid-19 and will they be useful 13/11/20
great post, i agree with you consistent_starfruit Why should we consider doing volunteering works? 13/11/20
My robot's name will be bob and his job is a therapist as well as an engineer. My robot is... #10 - Design a robot! 13/11/20
I think that the amount women are getting paid compared to the amount men are getting paid is... Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 26/11/20
Ok Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 30/11/20
I really enjoyed reading your post consistent_starfruit Why should we consider doing volunteering works? 30/11/20
really good post i enjoyed reading it All about an infodemic during the pandemic? 05/3/21
I think the most important way to build back greener in England (London) is to invest in green... CAT group | Week 2 Cluster Conversation 29/4/21
i really enjoyed reading your post and i think you had some really good ideas How can we make our planet greener? 30/4/21
" Sticks and stones may break Earths Bones but Climate Change will nether stop hurting " #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
I have completed it. I enjoyed the bnc very much thank you Win a star by taking the End of Year Survey! 07/7/21