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In my opinion I don’t agree because going on other people’s properties is not the right way.... Reasons and Ideas for Banks 22/11/18
So first,people try so hard to get their jobs that isn’t paid by the government. Then they lose... How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis? 22/11/18
British people won’t be affected only the Other Europeans will. Is the financial crisis still effecting us? 22/11/18
Yes because I can use it for many this which are appropriate. But also No because there are many... How do you look at money? Good or bad? 22/11/18
This is the nations choice. It’s about freedom Why Did The Financial Crisis Happen? 22/11/18
The European community and Theresa May (Prime Minister)don’t agree on brexit on the way our... Could There Be Another Financial Crisis? 22/11/18
I will stick to my family vote any crisis made must stop immediately. This is not for fun what action would you take if there were to be anouther financial crisis 22/11/18
Crisis is always out there. This the nations choices . Let them be free Rules to stop or prevent another financial crisis 22/11/18
This might happen again because there are more electronics which make people more into it. So... What Actually is the Financial Crisis? 22/11/18
I heard that money is something not everything . So we don’t really need it. Money is mainly... What is Money? 22/11/18
I think yes because a job is a job. There is no difference . Or is there? What do you think ?... Should all jobs be paid equally? 23/11/18
People should be careful because they are taking risks leading up to a final crisis. Which we... MAKE BANKS SAFER! (Final Piece) 11/12/18
I agree with being safe not sorry because you should take care of your money and people don't... Be safe not sorry 17/12/18
Very nice song to begin with and the words fit to the song. SONG: #STAY SAFE - REWARD'S RISE! 17/12/18
I believe that the media showing a lot of knife-crime is not a great idea for a number of... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 23/1/19