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1 In my opinion ,I think money is not a good thing in life because its not fair on the people... What is Money? 20/11/18
like you said ,thousands of years ago people lived with no money so why do we have to live with it today. What is Money? 20/11/18
I also agree that money is also a good thing because some people use money for people and hope I... What is Money? 20/11/18
I believe that nowadays the life became more difficult for people because even if you have... What is Money? 20/11/18
That is rude and unhuman thing to say. Just because they are poor it doesn't mean that they are... What is Money? 21/11/18
3)nasty Effects of the Financial Crisis 21/11/18
cruel Effects of the Financial Crisis 21/11/18
I also agree that the financial crisis will happen again because the banks are becoming more and... What Actually is the Financial Crisis? 10/12/18
History shows that there are two things we can be sure of when it comes to financial crises:... Could There Be Another Financial Crisis? 10/12/18
. A financial crisis is any of a broad variety of situations in which some financial assets... What Actually is the Financial Crisis? 10/12/18
UK productivity fell sharply during the recession of 2008-9. It subsequently recovered only... Is the financial crisis still effecting us? 10/12/18
There will be a financial crisis which will be bigger than 2008 because of depth this is what... What Actually is the Financial Crisis? 11/12/18
We can prevent a financial crisis by telling the banks to stop making money. What I mean is when... How to prevent another financial crisis. 11/12/18
well done nice song if fits very well with the tune SONG: #STAY SAFE - REWARD'S RISE! 17/12/18
nice video. I really like it! :) good work :) Financial crisis news report 09/1/19
nice poem :) Money poem extension... 09/1/19
I think the media is showing a lot of knife crime 's for several reasons. The first reason why... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 23/1/19
nice it was very interesting and COOL:) THE FINANCIAL CRISIS RAP 07/2/19
That was very nice :) I like it! well done Knife crime rap 12/3/19
I got 10/10. thanks Olivia for this quiz it helped me learn more about brexit Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 13/3/19