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I think that some children/teenagers who see violent/knife crime will see how people kill others... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 23/1/19
i think that police are helping saving the day by arresting voilent people its just that the... Are the police doing enough? 08/2/19
i agree with you about your point and i think its hard to tell if their doing it properly or not... Can we trust the police ???? 08/2/19
i agree with everyone its just that bullies and bad guys (15+) are somehow connected in a way... Why do people murder? 08/2/19
thanks for replying to my comment crafy_seagull your really nice and kind :D :) Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 08/2/19
I think that teenagers are starting to become crimminals because maby no one cared for them... How teenagers become criminals. 08/2/19
I double agree because drugs are bad for children and teenagers and other innocent people so... How can we stop this? 08/2/19
People should forget that "Brexit" isn't real or true especialy if they have a family who their... Do you have any questions about Brexit for a Member of Parliament? 08/2/19
what do you mean about " vicimless crime "? Is there such thing as victimless crime 08/2/19
I think that voilent crime is a bad thing for children and teenagers to know because they... Violent crimes 08/2/19
you are so nice even though your from MILLBANK ACADEMY [ i forgot who u were] as me so a big... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 08/2/19
I think that crimes are violent and scary because of the murder and violence , however crimes... Knife crime 11/2/19
I like the poem keep up the work.[You should go to a singing concert[you'll be great]] Knife crime poem 11/2/19
i love the poem well done My poem : Don’t carry a knife ! 11/2/19
well done impartial panda_bear Gangs. 11/2/19
well done! [you should do a rap aswell] Knife Life 11/2/19
well done! love the poem! the use of a knife 11/2/19
Hi again! I think that people murder because maby their just having a hard time without... Why do people murder? 11/2/19
Thanks for the speech noble_nectarine Burnet News Club Live 11/2/19
Thanks for the advice Olivia! It was helpful. Violent crimes 11/2/19
I think that crimminals are made and born we can't really decide because they could be both... Are criminals born or made? 11/2/19
I dont really understand the question but I would say that video games might cause it in a way... Does video games relate to crime 11/2/19
no problem.You have a good poem that you have made. the use of a knife 15/2/19