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I do not believe that Trump will ever change his mind because he has told the world and most... Does Trump really need to build the wall? 13/5/19
The world would be chaos if there are no walls or borders. Our houses are held up with a sort of... Weekly Competition #32 13/5/19
WALL, BORDERS All one thing. Is it not? Weekly Competition #33 20/5/19
I disagree. Walls are not useles there are many uses for a wall. For example, what about our... Walls are useless 20/5/19
I agree with you Is is a good idea that Trump want's to build a wall ? 20/5/19
You are (in my opinion) correct Thinking about it 20/5/19
This does toatly make sense. I can see were you are coming from Is Trumps wall a good thing or a bad thing? 21/5/19