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By the parliament and royalty, everyone should be treated no differently than anyone else... Should we give everyone a chance? 16/4/19
I fully agree with this opinion. It’s not just Donald Trump’s wall that is the issue. there are... What do I think about borders? 16/4/19
I agree, yet children and teenagers need full information so that they don’t just vote on what... Are we all entiled a voice and a vote? 16/4/19
I agree because what if you didn’t have the time to vote or didn’t know any information on what... If you don't take part in a vote, should you still be intitled to a vote? 16/4/19
I agree but what history? Should Trump Build the wall? 17/4/19
Yes because if America have a war they need somewhere to retreat. Donald Trump’s wall 13/5/19
I personally agree and disagree with Donald Trump's wall. I agree because drugs, guns and... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 13/5/19
i agree and disagree. He should because it could stop immigrants entering the country... Does Trump really need to build the wall? 13/5/19
The danger in both countries are equal. Does Trump really need to build the wall? 13/5/19